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Adam Mada State Command Disciplinary Appeal

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Trooper's Details

Troopers Name: Adam Mada

Your Rank: Lt

Your Department: DOC 

Your Badge Number: 122


Discipline Information

Punishing Trooper: Jack Barrow

Their Rank: Col

Their Badge Number: 100 

Punishment you where given: 10 points

Link to punishment report


Please provide in detail on what happened?: I promoted a aux trooper to cpl after a conversation with the trooper and prior experience with this trooper as well as his time as a supervisor and his experience in not just DOC but patrol as well. The promotion was then voided and not long after I received a WW for breaking CoC. I then attempted to appeal the decision and was given 10 points.

Why should your punishment be overturned?: Due to section 3 of the progressive disciplinary measures I did not have an opportunity to defend myself against receiving the 10 points nor was I informed beforehand that I would be receiving the points via text or voice. Me receiving the punishment was done on the forums directly after the punishment report was put in motion. The fact that an appeal can lead to an escalation is one thing this measure was put into place for. By doing this it will put people off from placing appeals in in the future and has a massive detriment on holding supervisors accountable.

Do you agree not to message a Major+ to review your appeal?: Yes

Do you have any evidence to support your dispute? (Video strongly recommended): No


Trooper's Signature: A.Mada

Retired Chief Petty Officer,                               Assistant Warden,                                President,                                        Retired LT

United States Coast Guard,                              LT, SRT Deputy Director                      Kingsmen MC Texas                     Florida Fire and Rescue

Station 19                                                           Texas Department of Public Safety 

                                                                            Customs and Border Protection

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