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Sammie Late - Contract Term + Blacklist Appeal

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Trooper's Details

Troopers Name: Sammie Late

Your Rank: Trooper

Your Department: Patrol

Your Badge Number: PT-912


Discipline Information

Punishing Trooper: Lewis Miller

Their Rank: Major of Spec ops

Their Badge Number102

Punishment you where given: Contract Term + Blacklist

Link to punishment report


Please provide in detail on what happened?: I was going to process somebody, but idk I was having a bad day and he was annoying me so I just shot him. Lewis Miller ran in and pointed a gun at me, however I didn't surrender. 

Why should your punishment be overturned?: I understand that to straight up execute someone who posses no threat is wrong. I sencierly apologize for my behaviour. There is no excuse to my actions, however as being a long standing member of this community as well as the police department I feel like it's only fair to give me a second chance. I have always been dedicated to the job and haven't recieved any points since I started. I am not saying to instate me as what I was before (However it would be nice), but maybe only contract terminate me?  

Do you agree not to message a Major+ to review your appeal?: Yes

Do you have any evidence to support your dispute? (Video strongly recommended): Not from my point of view.


Trooper's Signature: Sammie Late

John Olsen ~ Sammie Late

Ex Lieutenant - FSP Patrol

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After a lengthy review process, sifting through the evidence, gathering opinions and getting feedback from people in attendance at the situation I have decided to DENY your appeal.

Your case has been reviewed & re-assessed by me, I confirm that this case has been dealt with appropriately by Major Miller. 

The actions you took throughout the scenario in question did not meet the standards set by FHP you have had a lot of experience in PD being a ex SWAT member.

"I was having a bad day and he was annoying me so I just shot him." this is just not justified, Being a long standing member of the PD you should know how to conduct your self and when things are getting heated take a break or ask someone if they can take over. 

I believe you could have handled the situation in a better way and believe the decision made by Major Miller was justified. Your Contract Termination and Blacklist will still apply, You are free to reapply to be unblack listed on 7.0

If you are not happy with my decision please submit a senate appeal.


Lieutenant Colonel Rhys Roberts


 Ex Lieutenant Colonel Rhys Roberts - Florida State Police / TexasDPS

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