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Tariq Rocket 2x WW appeal

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Trooper's Details

Troopers Name: Tariq Rocket

Your Rank: senior trooper

Your Department:  swat

Your Badge Number:  T-22


Discipline Information

Punishing Trooper: Skyler Reno,Mark Snow, East  West

Their Rank:  cpl.LT,LT

Their Badge Number248, 127, 126

Punishment you where given:  2x WW

Link to punishment report:  



Please provide in detail on what happened?:

a suspect was waiting for a lawyer after robbing a store with a class 3 and shooting at us a major popped up while we were waiting for the lawyer thought I waited 15mins but I only waited 13mins before sending him to jail. (I realized this during the ia case when I went back to the gov discord to check I fully admitted to it and told Skyler even linking him to the msg)

Why should your punishment be overturned?: I think 2x WW for this is just unfair i understand we have to wait 15 minutes if they request a lawyer but I honestly thought I waited the 15 minutes. my partner asked in gov discord we then waited for around 10mins a major popped up while I was getting everyone ready I thought 5 mins have passed even checked the gov discord to see when my partner sent the request for a lawyer but I just did my maths bad and fucked up making me think I waited 15mins when I only waited 13mins. the server was 20 pop I understand we have to follow all sops/rules no matter the pop but this was an honest tiny mistake that wouldnt of made a difference as his lawyer wasn't even on the island or ts at the 13mins (no one is loading in within 2mins) he would have been sent to jail with his 5 months either way.  I understand I should have brought this up during the IA case the only reason I didn't try and fight the case was I didn't think something so small would affect my nato as  i have been hitting the hours for nato and would suck if this fucked me over.

also just want to add people have been given verbals or nothing at all for not even waiting for a lawyer (I understand each person is different along with each case)  its not like i did not make an effort to get a lawyer my partner msged in gov discord, we waited 13mins (yes not the 15mins) if a major didnt pop i would of been watching the time still instead of getting everyone ready. we werent in a rush to get to the major or anything i would of waited the reaming  2mins (enough time for a piss) if i knew i didnt wait the full 15mins then gone to the major.

Do you agree not to message a Major+ to review your appeal?:  yes

Do you have any evidence to support your dispute? (Video strongly recommended):   If needed i can get the government discord messages


Trooper's Signature: Tariq Rocket

Edited by Tariq Jamal
adding badge numbers


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  • Tariq Jamal changed the title to Tariq Rocket 2x WW appeal

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