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  1. Big thanks to the Development team that yet again has made a great update!
  2. Name: Mita Schofield/Helen HawkesMain role on the server: Cop/civTime at ANZUS: 2019Opinions on each rule and what you voted: 1. Honestly the cop response number has been very good these last days; no civilians have really complained too much as I've heard and I feel as a Command member we haven't needed to check on it too much or stress about it and could rather have fun; either it's not needing to respond to majors and continue with roleplay or micromanage every situation happening. 2. I honestly agree with what Doug said; as long as nobody goes too overboard with this it's no harm in it, just don't abuse it to an extent so it can be kept non-hostile as a rule.. 3. I originally was very unsure about this rule as illegal runs do pay more and are now super risky to do; but if it could be a thing if cartel/mobster gangs would help protect their runs towards other gangs robbing people doing their runs it would be very helpful. Even if not, you can always be raided by cops no matter what, so the only thing it really changes is bit more of a scare to do these runs, but hopefully gangs won't go over the top with it.. 4. I do think needing a roleplay reason should be a thing for engaging as with small gangs (like my own) it's really hard when bigger (un)official gangs initiate on you just because they can.. It also seems to confuse people that if they can initiate everywhere they can also rob everywhere. People are playing to have fun, not be worried about being 500m from a safe area all the time.. Acknowledgement that you've taken a spoonful of concrete: Taken a fork full.
  3. Wasn't it a thing where if you own Cartel/Mobster and a person doing your run was getting robbed they'd be able to call you and let you know? Could make it something like that, either it's getting raided by cops or whatnot, the gang will come and help out. I remember TI did this early 4.0 at least.. Other than that, I feel like illegal runs are ok to rob etc. as long as legal runs doesn't mean you can get robbed without a good reason..
  4. What is your favourite thing on 5.0? The roleplay and good interactions you get when being a officer and even a Civilian, not needing to be scared to get robbed by stopping by the side of the road for someone that is running just to be nice. What is one thing you dislike on 5.0? The fact that people abuse the Prison Lifer system when DOC is closed etc. What is your suggestion to fix your dislike? Make Prison lifers not able to wake up when DOC is closed, and some more suggestions that I don't want to get too much into here.
  5. Your name: Mita Soso/Chan Your age: 26 Do you agree that applying for testing means you're willing to put A LOT of hours into testing runs, scripts and helping developers when they need a testing partner? Yes
  6. Name: Mita Chan Location: Norway Internet speed: https://gyazo.com/dd212b6f5f3e0647b21f8c78ce8b6e22 Operating system: Windows You agree to keep everything private and not leak anything: I agree.
  7. Name: Mita Chan Time played on 4.0: 500+ hrs Do you have anything in the next two month(s) that will effect you being able to help testing: Nope Do you understand you will be expected to do hours of tedious tasks: Yep Do you understand you will be required to sign an NDA: (Any long term/trusted ANZUS members will not be required to do this) Yes
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