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Kamdan 2.1.1 Changelog [New major crime, new cars, loads of gang uniforms]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KNB9B2XwPSkXoKbS-T1FmDUbbwbYqye5/view?usp=sharing

Arma 3 Sync:

Modpack update 500MB

Hotfix: 10/08/2018 - 11PM NZT (5 hours from this post) for any issues with this update

  • Laboratory Major Crime
    • Rob the Winchester Laboratory located in Winchester South
    • Take chemicals to crazy chemist in Ashworth East
    • No items required
    • Note this is a simple major crime that we will improve over time
  • Freight Truck missions
    • 3 types of missions (Gas delivery, Cardboard Delivery, Jewelry Delivery)
    • Full separate leveling system which increases money you gain overtime from the truck missions
    • Take the truck to the riverside weigh station
    • Required - Your own a specific truck, Drivers licence and Truck licence (You can buy the truck from the freight yard in Kamdan Central
    • Reward varies on distance and time
  • Two legal runs added (Silver and Earth, both identical to rubies)
  • GPS Prefix found on your Y menu
  • New gang uniforms
    • Nostra
    • Underground Outlaws
    • Di'Pinto
    • Minions
    • The Kings
    • Sinoloa Cartel
    • Lost Dominos
    • The Schneider Family
  • New gang cars
    • Sinoloa Cartel
    • Russian Playboys
    • Schneider
    • Minions
  • New SWAT Uniforms
  • New CRT Uniforms
  • New Corrections Uniforms
  • New Patrol Uniforms
  • SWAT Cars Nerfed
  • SWAT Shields moved and restricted to LT+(If more than 1 shield is seen at a major crime/out of major crime again they will be removed from server)
  • Patrol vehicles whitelist reworked
  • Patrol weapons whitelist reworked
  • Wax island fixed up
  • Added more levels (upto 85)
  • Map changes
    • All trailer parks extended
    • More houses added to Warwick and East Huddersville
    • Weigh station added to riverside highway
    • Ashworth east industrial reworked
    • New mines added
  • Kamdan Customs fixed up a bit (will add costs next week)
  • Radenos K9 added
  • Internal affairs whitelist changed to Corrections Response Team, Internal affairs clothing now in Patrol shop (Cop department 4)












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