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Teamspeak/TFR upgrade guide

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Hi everyone, here is a guide on how to upgrade your teamspeak and fix your taskforceradio.

First of all upgrade your teamspeak to the newest version

  • Step 1: Go to here and download whichever fits your PC best https://www.teamspeak.com/en/your-download/
  • Step 2: Close all teamspeaks (Use taskmgr to be sure) and then upgrade your teamspeak by running that .exe like a fresh install (You don't lose your settings etc)
  • Step 3: You're done now onto upgrading your TFR

Second you must upgrade TFR, To upgrade your TFR you need to install the newest plugin for teamspeak

Download option 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-EEgVLXCEmfTw8vb-vHhjI26BCnnJD84/view?usp=sharing
Download option 2: task_force_radio.ts3_plugin
Download option 3: TFR Website (NOT RECOMMENDED)
Download option 4: Update your ARMA 3 sync and locate it in your @ANZUSGaming Kamdan Life > Teamspeak file


Uninstall TaskForceRadio by going to your plugins 

Open up this menu with Alt + P or goto Tools > Options


  • Once you see Task Force Radio gone from that location close your teamspeak 3
  • Run the plugin you installed above
  • Reopen teamspeak, enable the plugin
  • You're good to go! Any issues join teamspeak technical support
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1 hour ago, Tommy Vincent said:

is this still the way to do it I'm having trouble with getting the plugin to actually do it's job

The links stated here are very outdated and the website is not actually up anymore. The plugin was included within your mod download and can be installed from there. Any further issues you have can be brought up in Requesting Staff.

Altin Lennart Berg / Altin Henry Howitzer

Homeland Security | BAR Certified | Public Defender | Plonker Professional


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