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Kamdan Life 2.1.2 [Capture Points, New cars]

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Google Drive:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aqxFvgccco_WVEb1IfpT0S-DVeyeM4NY/view?usp=sharing

Arma 3 Sync:

Modpack update 1.7GB (Highly suggested you use google drive)

  • Capture points
    • Gallo Island
    • Dawsbury Compound
    • Scrap yard
    • Capture points are civilian only and cops are not permitted to enter, interfere with them.
    • Please follow the KOS zone rules when fighting at capture points

Capture points are located in 3 locations on the map, the more players on the server the more money you get. It gets split up between gang members and put into your bank account. For now its $100 per player online so if you have 10 gang members and there is 100 players online you will receive $10000 split between your gang every 10 minutes, if you own multiple capture points you get money from them also.

  • New cars
    • Mclaren 720s
    • Holden HSV 09
      • Unmarked Police Variant (Undercover shop)
      • Marked Police Variant (Senior Trooper+)
    • Dodge Coronet Super Bee
      • Marked Police Variant (Lt+)
    • Boss Mustang
      • Unmarked Police Variant (Undercover shop)
      • Marked Police Variant (Lt+)
    • New Lenco Bearcat (Major/Martial law only)
  • Cartel money buffed from $100 per print to $500 per print (Will increase if still too low)
  • LSD price increased by $200 per
  • Heroin price increased by $200 per
  • New clothing
    • SWAT complete clothing rework
    • Rebels have access to a variety of new clothes
    • Civilians have a variety of new clothes
    • CID Polo added
    • New SERT gear
    • New Sheriff Diving/Vests
    • New High Command Vest
  • Laboratory fixes
    • Building re textured
    • Hitbox fixes
    • Spelling across the board fixed
  • Map changes
    • Hole moved to new location
    • New compound near Dawsbury added
    • Kamdan Airport changed into Helicopter station (Will be changing USAF to Kamdan International next update)
    • Police training flattered
    • DOC holes fixed
    • Multiple other small QOL fixes
  • Multiple small bug fixes
  • New gang uniforms
    • Ripstart
    • OTF
    • Di Pinto Uniform fixed
    • Shadow Division Uniforms redone
    • Sinola Cartel Uniforms redone
    • Russian playboy uniforms fixed
    • Minion Bentley fixed


Doug Jumper, Casey Gallo, Dillon Boyd, John Doe, m_kola, Pheonix, Michael Wellington, Myran Arbosa, Jake Dingas, Paul Phantom, RxoBobby and more.











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Aiden Pearce

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Is the Holden HSV 09 available to civs ?

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