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No modpack update

  • Removed smokes from server
  • Change flash-bang price to $7,500 to $4,500 to compensate loss of smokes (3k for Breachers)
  • M4A6 added to shops
  • Fixed night time (if its still too dark let me know)
  • Changed Seized Weapons building to the Australian Police Station (1 week trial to see if people refer it)
  • Fixed houses
  • Removed police ability to buy civilian exotic cars
  • Cartel money printer now prints $500
  • New Bearcat now in cop vehicle shop
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20 hours ago, Adam Johnson said:

$4500 each for flashbangs? Doug you said the price of flashbangs prevented swat from abusing flashbangs as there are no SOPS regarding their use, could you please add SOPS for flashbangs? Or maybe let Civs use them as well.

Yeah cause their just gonna abuse like smokes.



Christian Thomas

Kings County | Ex Administrator | Schneider Family Owner

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