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Fund a new car!

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Hi everyone, we recently have partnered with a model company that makes car models for us that we can easily port into ARMA 3 for everyone to enjoy on the server.
If you have a car that you really like that isn't in the server and you have some spare cash then we can get the model made for you.

Note: When you pay for the car we can not give it to you in game for free as this breaches Bohemia Monetization Terms of Service found here: https://www.bohemia.net/monetization

Note: This is currently paused as per request by bohemia, will discuss it with them and update if this can continue.

Some cool cars we've had made in the past


We have more cars coming in the next few update:

To get a car made fill out this form (Note do not post if you're not willing to pay/contribute)


Your name:

Car model request:

Confirm you will fund/contribute towards this:

Once you fill out your form ill contact the model company and confirm they can make the model and then I will send you a private message with the payment details.

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1 hour ago, Adam Johnson said:

Your name: Adam Jones

Car model request: Cadillac 2015 SRX, Cop version as well.

Confirm you will fund/contribute towards this: Yes. Will fully fund. Can provide photos, audio etc as ref or more for modelers

Would want to own license, will discuss with doug

Request sent to the model team, will reply asap.
Update: Sorry the model team can not do this.

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