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Kamdan Life 2.1.3 [Big Prison Changes, New Custom Gas Station, Supercars]

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Modpack update: 1GB
Arma 3 Sync:
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dmT0NRF9m78YH0oY1c7XeBZKrpwub9Gi/view?usp=sharing

  • Prison changes
    • Tunnel that goes underground
    • Spoons
      • Multiple locations around the prison you can spoon dig out
      • Buy spoons from jail shop
      • Number plate pressing
    • Number plate run (Only in prison)
      • Pick metal from the metal cars
      • Process the number plates on the machine
    • New Police Station is here to stay
  • Lootable bins (Only black bins work right now, will add more next update)
    • Black bins across the map are now lootable with windows key
    • Multiple different drops including Y menu and I Menu items
      • Loot table
        • Rare Table
          • Gold bars
          • Storage boxes
          • Bank bags
          • Shanks
          • Zip ties
          • Cyanide
          • Key cards
          • Monalisa Painting
          • Flashbangs
          • Deagles
          • TRG Rifle
          • Grenades (Super rare)
        • Normal Table
          • Cocaine
          • Big storage container
          • Lock picks
          • Jewelry
          • Spoon
          • Keycard
          • Flashlights
          • Police berets
        • Easy table
          • Apple
          • Peach
          • Water bottle
          • Coffee
          • Bacon
          • Fuel
          • Cannabis Seeds
          • Number Plates
          • Spoon
          • Pharmacy Drugs
  • Brand new custom gas station
  • New vehicles/changes
    • Jeep Cherokee (Cop)
    • Mclaren F1 GT 1997
    • Lamborghini Veneno 2019
    • Mercedes-Benz CLA (Cop)
    • Mustang Boss 15 (Cop)
    • New EMS Helicopter
    • New KSP Helicopter
    • Fixed 13' Mustang (Lightbar, Sound and 5 seater)
    • Reduced speed of Sheriff Mustang
    • Fixed ford focus lightbar
    • New EMS Stretcher (Works and can put in helicopter pretty cool)
  • New gang uniforms
    • Notorious Gang
    • Clown Cartel Gang
    • Sinoloa Gang uniform changed
    • Di'Pinto Uniform change
  • New gang cars
    • Minions SVR
    • Schneider Camry
    • Green Machine Jaguar
    • Kings Boss
    • Sinoloa Cartel Car fixed
  • New houses in Ashworth East
  • Wincheser Laboratory Changes
    • Interior added (Simple can be changed)
    • No more bullet penetration
  • Myrans Pirate Hat


  • All tinted/blacked out windows removed from the server
  • Fixed garbage search error
  • NVG added to medic
  • When police whitelisting it now logs to discord
  • Command and CID can access Exotic car shop and Drones
  • Contact DLC firearms added to the server
  • Police notifications now Rose colour
  • Breaching charges work on Casino, Central bank and Laboratroy
  • Car tinted windows are not permitted (If you see any report it to development so we can fix them, this is to help with initiations and being able to see into cars)
  • SWAT Breacher helmet added to licence
  • CID polo fix


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