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A few things [Must read]

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Hi everyone, I've had a good discussion with a bunch of different players on the servers cop and civilian and we're wanting to make some changes to rules to increase roleplay a bit. One huge thing that I hear from cops is that when they try to roleplay with civilians whether its a traffic stop or simply stopping to help them repair their car gangs are rolling up on them and initiating just to frag and this needs to stop.

New rules to combat this:

3.23 - You can not interfere with other peoples roleplay (Initiating on cops just to kill them when they're roleplaying with other civilians or cops)
3.24 - When being signaled to stop from Police you can only flee if you are wanted or you have illegal items on you. Fleeing without a roleplay reason is considered fail roleplay.
3.25 - If people are in a gun battle you can not initiate to join in for the frags, you need a roleplay reason to risk your life just to kill people.

Examples of poor roleplay that needs to stop:

  • Seeing a cop on a traffic stop with someone you have no gang connections too or any connection too and initiating on them just to kill them/rob them or mess with them.
  • Breaking out people from Prison when you have no connection to anyone who is in prison.
  • Seeing two gangs in a big gun fight and initiating on them just to join in to frag (This doesn't apply for cops attempting to arrest gangs who are shooting class 3's)
    • This includes cops fighting with another gang, you can't join in just to kill people.
  • Cops using civilian guns and mags that they're not permitted to use (Using guns/ammo not in their shops)
    • Cops can not use guns found in weapons crate, they MUST seize them
    • Cops can not put civilian weapons in vehicles then impound them, they MUST seize them
    • Guns and Ammo is set by SMT for a reason in our best attempt to balance it for civilian and cop.
  • Starting major crimes without everything you need to complete it
    • E.g. not buying the drill bag until all cops are dead is not allowed
  • More than two bar gates used at DOC is not allowed

Reporting players:

A lot of people cops in particular complain about civilians breaking rules, if people break rules you need to report it or it will just keep happening until they get reported. It is VERY easy to report someone you don't even need to go to support. You clip a video and upload it which shouldn't take more than 5 minutes and then slap a player report on the forums. To get rid of the trolls and to improve the server people need to report rule breakers and not just ignore them. If you do not report them you are part of the problem.

Side note: Tac-TX and BT rounds are banned from use from everyone on the server including staff, anyone found using them could risk being wiped.


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Can we just be honest cops love the gunfights. Hell usually cops will initiate on you or start the fight. They complain we don't roleplay but they talk nothing out they just end up tasing, shooting, or restraining you. Then when in internal some cops don't even transfer you which is just stupid. Cops are complaining but are the main ones who do this but cops opinions>civs opinions amirite.

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@Scotty FragCompletely agree. I feel like maybe if cops were so unfun a lot more people would like to just talk with the cops and roleplay. But how I see cops is that there slimey as fuck. Then do the most scuffed shit overall and when it doesn't work for them they complain. Just like Yesterday whenever our gang were doing major the cops tried to say we had to have less than 10 people in a major and we asked them to supply the rule. Whenever they couldn't supply the rule they said "Well maybe u guys souldnt be such a bad gang and stop zerging". I personally see high ranking cops talking a lot of shit against our gang and as soon we talk bad about the cop force we have support on our ass?

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More changes that benefit only cops, not liking this tbh, cops have more numbers, cheaper and better guns, and the most efficient command chain on the server. They can suck it up and deal with combat. The ammount of time cops have jumped into my gunfights is stupid, cops never roleplay when its needed, any attempt ive made to roleplay with a cop has been ignored and often leads to them restraining me. 

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8 hours ago, Robert Lewis said:

To add to what @Scotty Frag said. It ruins the fun of playing on the server when cops leave you restrained in your cell for no reason or purposely put  you in a cell with no trashcan and talk shit when you cant do anything about it. Cops do love to complain about rules and things being broken and break rules all time to get what they want. 

If you see this as a problem in DOC record and report. You'll find out cops aren't actually breaking rules as much as you think.

| California Highway Patrol |


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Yeah it's not against the rules but its slimy and annoying if ur just there restrained for 30 minutes because the cops soft. Also explain how you gonna say it's a civ update when yeah they removed smokes but they were just a lag machine and wre useless. But they made flashbangs way cheaper and made the gear cheaper but yeah civ update btw because our stuff was made cheaper. Smh stay at -32 rep

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