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Kamdan Life 2.5 - [New modpack, New bank, Economy wipe]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GUViRQlul2qpkSggcOqhioJNdClayVgS/view?usp=sharing
Drop box: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aem5y8azg45lzpf/%40ANZUSGaming Kamdan Life.rar?dl=0
Arma 3 sync:
Information on the economy wipe: https://www.anzus.life/topic/12283-community-meeting-economy-wipe-new-modpack/
Check out events and more: https://www.anzus.life/topic/12292-bottle-hunter-gang-events-and-more/

This is a beta release due to the modpack change there may be some bugs that are to be reported on discord #bug-reports

Kamdan Life 2.5 Beta

  • New Kamdan Central National Bank
    • Requires two drill bags from burglary store and bags from Bunnings.
    • Requires 10 cops to be online
    • Full working vent system on the roof
  • New interrogation system for detectives
    • When at DOC detectives can obtain illegal locations in exchange for a lower sentence
    • Civilians get requested to give them information and they can accept/deny
  • New cars
    • Holden Commodore Ute
    • Mercedes 6x6 wagon
    • Plymouth Road Runner
    • Quartz Regalia
  • Map changes
    • Kamdan Police Station walls changed
    • Spec ops base walls changed
    • New courthouse
    • KFC building removed
    • Kamdan city changes to fit bank
    • PD Training and DOC PD changed
    • Ladder added to DOC internal
    • Ashworth biker bar fixed
    • Buildings in mission are now in terrain
    • DOC sheds changed to stop jumpers
    • USAF turned into Kamdan Airport
    • USAF moved to right of Airport island
    • Trees added to all fields (apple, rubber, peach)
    • Kamdan Street Lights reduced
    • Old Kamdan bank removed o7
  • Cop GPS prefix is now 4
  • Penthouses are now buyable and elevators work $10,000,000
  • Backend changes for future updates added
  • Cop tazer fixed
  • Major crime prices buffed
  • Bin looting fixed
  • Prison digging chance changed from 50% to 40%
  • Fixed TFR knockout/taze bug
  • TFR now changes your name to UID instead of Name to prevent metagaming
  • Rebel and Advanced Rebel gun store completely reworked Photo
  • Modpack changes
    • 10gb removed from the modpack
    • Lots of clothing removed from modpack
    • Some weapons removed
    • Several buildings removed
    • Mod pack start up time reduced?
  • New clothing
    • New detective uniforms
    • New SWAT patrol uniform
  • New weapon
    • KU98K Marksmen Rifle (SWAT and Advanced Rebel) can also be found in airdro
    • New main menu





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1 minute ago, Trevis Karma said:

do we have to delete the old folder??


It is updating for me so I guess not.



Kamden State Police Department
Rank: Sergeant  Corporal

Internal Affairs | Human Resources Clerk


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