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DOJ Mass Recruitment & Trial Major Crime Cap Info

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DOJ Mass Recruitment

Dear members,

As many of you are well aware, the DOJ has been quite inactive recently for a number of reasons. While applications for lawyers are soon to be answered I am also putting a callout for the major positions in each department as well as a few judge positions. I have included a list of jobs for which you may apply. This will support a number of the documents becoming updates to allow the courts to operate more efficiently.

Your application should be made to me via PM on the forums or PM on Discord. It must include a CV/Resume which outlines your experience and why you would suit the role. Your performance will also be assessed and during your probation period in the role you may be terminated without cause or other people may be given a turn at running the department so I can figure out the best staff. You may also be required to sit a verbal or written test on your preferred legal system. (either a certain country IRL or Kamdan law) If your main character is a criminal, I suggest applying under a new character (AKA new name). If your main character is police your final rank in PD may be limited based upon your role.

You must also send the following form filled out:

Form 35B - Application to fill casual vacancies of office
Social Security Number (Steam 64 ID):
Current Occupation (including rank):
Application for:

Do you have a criminal record:
Experience within legal systems:

Preferred legal system for test:
Reasons you should be employed over other candidates:
Other notes:

Open Positions

  1. Chief Judge of the District Court of Kamdan (Basically runs the operation side of the main trial court in Kamdan)
  2. Supreme Court Justice (x2: DO NOT APPLY WITHOUT LEGAL EXPERIENCE)
  3. Judge (x4)
  4. Attorney General
  5. District Attorney
  6. Chief Public Defender
  7. Senior Counsel/Prosecutor (x4 for civ, x2 for prosecution)
  8. Court Registrar/Legislative Draftsmen (to draft rules, regulations and laws for Kamdan and its courts)


Section 14 Rule Trial: Limits on Police Response

As you will have all seen, a new section was added to the rules last night. Section 14 introduces a limit on the number of police that can respond to major crimes. For the duration of the trial (1 week), this will be limited to the Commonwealth Banks outside Kamdan City. This rule has been introduced in such a manner for the following reasons:

  • Increase the use of Commonwealth Banks by hopefully making it more fair.
  • Balancing out one of the less fair Major Crimes. (we want rebels to win sometimes :) )
  • Trial of something that used to work really well on Australia Life.
  • Commonwealth Bank is still breachable with low numbers provided they play it well
  • NOTE: To balance out this rule, rebels cannot rob a Commonwealth Bank with more people then the total number of police online.

Questions on this rule can be posted as replies to this topic and staff will attempt to respond promptly. Some key things are:

  1. Police can respond with +2 more people than the robbers declare over text (which includes externals). If there are less then 4 robbers, police can still respond with 6 people. (this is to stop 1 man majors, as majors are endgame teamwork content and contain large amounts of money)
  2. You cannot bring more people then you declare and you must declare your numbers truthfully.
  3. The declaration must be made within 1 minute of the announcement AND before police arrive on scene and begin attempting to negotiate. (made over 911 dispatch)
  4. Once people start dying, neither side can add to their numbers which they already stated. (new people cannot come)
  5. Negotiations in person are still required. All other rules still apply to major crimes.
  6. This is limited to Commonwealth Banks only. They are signified by a gold/black square logo on the map and are usually found next to paycheck centers.
  7. This rule has been under development for a while but we decided to trial it last night after tweaking the trial to limit its effect.
  8. Lying about numbers is a serious offense. (in your deceleration) It will result in any money won being confiscated and points being issued.
  9. Extra police can only come in once the robbers leave OR all robbers are dead. Extra robbers cannot attend the bank after police are dead/leave. If all police die and additional units move in after the robbers leave, dead robbers that are revived CANNOT be arrested.

I hope this clarifies some things regarding to the enforcement of this rule. Please post any questions on this rule, or on any of the other new rules in this forum and I will attempt to provide some explanation.

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@Jack Fire no offence mate but no one is going to run DOJ when it always ends in the same way . PD gets shitty that they lose some of their power and have to “ROLEPlay “  then go to doug / frank who either removes DOJ or waters it down so much it’s pointless . It’s what happened to the corruption council and DOJ that have previously been on this island that I have previous been in and it’s what will happen again . I have run many DOJ”s and it happens every time with PD , also with  some of the rules being the way they are it will never work . I am happy to talk to you about it in private mate but I have some warranted concerns and insights into this . I like the idea and thought though 


reagrds Steve Roo 

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please submit applications from her via PM to my discord or forums account.

Standard lawyer applications can still be made in practice certificate applications

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