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Kamdan Life 2.6.1 [Department of Justice addition, New gang uniforms and more]

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Google Drive (600MB): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XfO4wRmvYXVU1sq2Hz6OiTAHEzWMzPuR/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:

  • Department of Justice changes
    • DOJ Whitelist added
    • DOJ Clothing Shop added
      • Justice uniform added (Photo below)
      • Lawyer suits added
    • DOJ Vehicle Shop added
      • Bentleys and Rolls Royce
    • DOJ Spawn added to court house
  • Backend for new warrent and police computer added
  • Air shop added to rebel
  • Command berets added to Police
  • Sheriffs can no longer interrogate
  • Meth Van KOS zone doubled in size
  • Removed Mushroom Field from interrogation as its legal
  • Buffed LSD 1005 > 1105
  • Buffed Heroin 1120 > 1320
  • Fixed legal trader sign names
  • AG Backpack in rebel for $7000
  • Added several cars to tinted window list
  • New car
    • Donkervoot D8 2017
  • New weed model added
  • Vehicle clean up script added (Should increase FPS a lot)
  • Weed can only be planted on fertile land (Media below)
  • Smokes added back to cop at $6,000 each (Maximum of 2 can be used at National Bank/Federal Reserve only)
  • New hint added for major crimes for cops (as some people can't see AAN news)
  • You can no longer cook meth underwater
  • Jail rewards back!
  • Gang uniforms added
    • Vanity (new)
    • CSP (changed)
    • TBI-REN
  • Car buffs
    • Ford Explorer buffed
    • Crown Victoria Buffed
    • Ford Taurus Buffed
  • Kamdan Airport entrance changed in preparation for server event (They can't stop all of us)
  • Invisible wall added to entrance to Fed to stop cars driving in (Will reduce lag A LOT)
  • Rebel base changed up a bit
  • New CID Beret
  • New DOC Cadet uniform


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Been on the server since Australia Life

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2 minutes ago, Doug Jumper said:

I increased the civilian store one also mate.

My point is that 7k is completely ridiculous for a backpack, no new player can consistently afford that. It's litterally the price of a car.


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Hmmmmmm ( Kamdan Airport entrance changed in preparation for server event (They can't stop all of us) ) 

I feel like this is going to be DOC RAID 

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