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Kamdan Life 2.6.6 [Lil bit of EMS Love]

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  • EMS Ambulance buffed (Next modpack updated)
  • Moved Ashworth West Hospital to Dawsbury (Temporary will look nicer on modpack update)
  • Added more to surgical room in hospital
    • EMS monitors
    • Blood on the floor
    • Tools on a table
  • LOW Amublance added to shop
  • Mercedes V250 added to shop
  • Ford explorer wheels made black (Modpack update)
  • Hardhats added to EMS shop
  • Transport truck vanishing fixed
  • Halloween hats added when you respawn
  • Red/glitched trucks removed


will be live 6PM restart

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9 minutes ago, Oswald Cobblepot said:

nice, i just hope the medics will start to rp with this update. Usually you get picked up, you talk for 10 seconds and the medics are off


Yes because nobody ever wants to go to the hospital pointlessly for no reason. People have things to do. Maybe a system where you can only get stabalized or given a little bit of health at the scene and you have to be transported to a hospital to get full health again would be better? Because its kinda pointless

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1 hour ago, Oswald Cobblepot said:

nice, i just hope the medics will start to rp with this update. Usually you get picked up, you talk for 10 seconds and the medics are off


Being EMS I agree and disagree with adding more RP (ACE System/Taking every single person to the hospital). I would like to see a more advanced system for medics instead of just pressing f, maybe a fleshed out AED system that you have to follow? I dont think adding ACE for everyone is going to work because the community is so used to the simple playstyle and I think thats what draws alot of people in. I often take people to the hospital because they want to check out all the new stuff they have added. It would be also nice to see the x-ray work, maybe print some pictures? I dont know if thats possible it would probably require a tonne of work. I get what you are saying that we only say stuff for 10 seconds, but many people just wanna be ressed and get back to what they were doing. Thats just my opinion, I have only been in EMS for about 10 days and my experience has been really good.

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"You certainly look better and seem better, I'm going to release you from medical custody." - EMS 

A bit of a no shit Sherlock moment and that has happened a few times so it isn't much of a cop/civ thing as much as that being the extent of EMS. The only time I see EMS really role-play is when there is like 5-10 minutes till restart and someone is attempting to keep their class 3 from being seized.

@Doug Jumper

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14 hours ago, James MacIntosh said:

I mean... I pick people up, ask if they are okay and give them a kiss.. is that good enough? ;)

No, and the fact that even the cops ignore everything but gunfights is also a problem. The cops don't get enough money/xp for putting people in jail. @Doug Jumper should make it so the cops become eager to arrest everybody on sight, but ofc if they arrest somebody for no reason then they could be reported. Currently driving through kamdan city in a lambo going 3-400km/h won't even get the slightest reaction out of the cops. If you have a class-3 on your back tho, then they will literally turn their car around and put you at gunpoint. We need a improved medical system that requires ems to take people to the hospital for treatment, unless the issue can be fixed with a band-aid. Lower the "revive payment" and push up the paycheck. Add additional payments for successful hospital treatments. The servers which have a lot of loyal donators are usually the ones who have a high level of rp going on on the server. People can go frag somewhere else, but not rp.


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As a medic myself, I can speak for a lot of us, whats the point in us putting our efforts into roleplaying with the civs, when most the time, they just get up and walk away without saying anything, or a lot of the time, aren't even in there head. I've had it on a quite a few occasions, where I'm picking up a downed criminal and the cop just handcuffs him and just takes him away without me being able to say anything.

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