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[SERVER EVENT] Kamdan Life Auction V2

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Hello everyone, we will be hosting another auction event with tons of goodies up for purchase! [IMAGES BELOW OF ITEMS UP FOR GRABS]

Next Saturday (9th November) 6PM BST, 1PM EST, 4AM AEDT (Sunday), 7AM NZT (Sunday)

Double XP is currently live so go grind to save up for the event!


If you have having trouble joining the server follow the thread below.


If you have any item suggestions for the auction please let me know by posting a comment.


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18 hours ago, Gonzo Gazorpazorp said:

I bought a yacht today for 2.5 mil, its a bit bugged so the only way to board it is by getting a friend with a heli to drop you on it. Also insurance is 625k..

My 3.5  mil  McLaren   is  700k insurance and 30k to pull out each time. Its said when i  bought it that max speed   was 500 mph but it   max's out at 373.

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4 minutes ago, Bobby Simmons said:

My 3.5  mil  McLaren   is  700k insurance and 30k to pull out each time. Its said when i  bought it that max speed   was 500 mph but it   max's out at 373.

hmmm I really don't like the lack of attention to detail being paid to the higher tier stuff that takes forever to grind to buy, only to be huge wastes of money, I really am disheartened about going any further. What's the point?

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22 hours ago, Bobby Simmons said:

Maybe a civ koenigsegg that would be really dope. I was super excited to hear  that it  was  gonna be added but hella  bummed when i  found  out it was a cop only car.

Ye and its like a specific cop as well, no one but him can use it xdd


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Put "A Date With Kain Mcloud" apart of the auction. I will be willing to donate all of the Department of Correction staff holiday bonuses to this

Lieutenant Mack Johnson l Deputy Warden Of DOC l CRT Command

 I had a great time here good luck to Deano & Cena. Love yall  l Likes to occasionally eat bananas in the most suspicious way. 

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3 hours ago, Josh Mowdy said:

can we get a lambo in the mix plzz


3 hours ago, Josh Mowdy said:

if not a lambo can we get another sports car in there


Take a look at that. Its in the main post, the cars that are being sold are in there :)


Jack Knight

Florida State | Retired Senior Admin

The Original

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