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DOJ Recruitment

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Dear members, the DOJ is currently understaffed. I am currently putting a call out to members for important roles in the DOJ. If you are interested in any of these roles, This application should be made to me on the forum DMs. A list of jobs is included below that the DOJ needs. Keep in mind, there are rules you must abide by and any conduct which is unacceptable will result in your removal. If your main character is a criminal, I suggest applying under a new name as well as criminal activity is not allowed on DOJ names.

Form 35B - Application to fill casual vacancies of office
Social Security Number (Steam 64 ID):
Current Occupation (including rank):
Application for:

Do you have a criminal record:
Experience within legal systems:
Reasons you should be employed over other candidates:
Other notes:

Open Positions:

  1. District Court Judge
  2. Magistrate Judge
  3. Lead Public Defender
  4. Executive Assistant District Attorney
  5. Senior Counsel Public Defender's Office
  6. Court Clerk/Baliff


Montana State Bar Board of Governors

sealsmall111.png Former Chief Justice, Kamdan / Former Attorney General of Alaska/California/Montana / Ex-AST Academy Lt / Former CID Lead Investigator / Former Bar President




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