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Kamdan Life 2.9 [Kamdan Customs, Warrant Changes, New Car and More!]

Message added by George

Kamdan Life Update ✔️ 

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Hi everyone, this will most likely be the last update before 3.0 hope this can keep you guys entertained until release. There is no set release date but the teaser trailer was released today and the official trailer will be public next week.
Please read the new major crime rules - https://www.anzus.life/topic/15979-new-major-crime-rule-trial-must-read/

Arma 3 Sync:
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NVXnGwmskSXM1VWIMsurK4-L2_-Q8QNb/view?usp=sharing

  • Added gang capturable chop shop
    • Gangs can capture and own the chop shop
    • Chop shop is for falsifying license plate information, more will be possible eventually
    • Chop shop is not accessible without either the active mafia or cartel capturing it
    • Owner gets all false plate sales split between the group
    • Can be captured by opposing group whilst already owned
    • chop shop is not for selling vehicles or removing vehicles from other peoples garages
  • Cartel/Mafia gang will now display on the map
  • Police radar will now show the owner of the vehicle via plate recognition
    • Displays random name if the license plate is falsified
  • GPS Prefixes are now persistent and are not required to be reset
  • Persistent vehicle materials added to Kamdan Customs (Chrome, Matte, Polished and Brushed)
    • Colour palette at Kamdan Customs widely expanded (allows for more colours and brighter whites)
  • Added the entire penal code to the warrant system on cops phones
    • Individuals are now required to be wanted before being arrested
  • Replaced barriers on the phone app with John Doe's models
  • Police can now issue a "Rights Card" to people who don't understand more than 3 times (localisation to come)
  • Added the ever waited cop shop update so we can actually buy bipods
  • Added Pumped tech and Schneider uniform
  • Added Asylum gang vehicle
  • Moved the hotkey to hide the vehicle store overlay to BACKSPACE
  • Added two variants of the Eldorado vehicle
  • Added Doug's Highway Patrol vehicles and uniform
  • Fed and other map fixes
  • All police firearms price increase by 15%
  • All civilian/rebel firearm decrease by 15%
  • Updated weapons shops for SWAT and CRT
  • Removed SAMR from rebel
  • Fixed drones godmode
  • Double XP off
  • New bottle hunter
  • Bridge adjusted (not perfect but its better than what it was)
  • All major crime payouts increased by 20%



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