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Some things you need to know leading up to 3.0

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Hi everyone, 3.0 is getting closer and closer by the day and I hope you're all excited for it. I know a lot of you are waiting for it and trust me it is looking good! I wanted to write this thread just to inform people of different things they need to know before 3.0 release and some things they should expect.


  • Police is not wiping there will be some structure changes but there will be no massive demotions.
  • Police applications will re-open on the 9th of December.
  • Police blacklists have been reviewed and any of the old/minor ones will be removed on the 12th, a list will be release then.


  • EMS is not wiping there will be large structure changes.
  • EMS applications are open so apply here


  • Yes, Coastguard is a new faction which will come on 3.0
  • Coastguard is run by Nick Boyd, he has previous experience running it on other large servers with coastguard.
  • Applications are open and can be found here

Official Gangs

  • Official gangs will have a greater presence on 3.0.
  • A cool feature I will leak is we plan to make it so when you capture cartel or mafia it will show the gang icon on the map.
  • All official gangs will be audited if they haven't met the standards they will be removed
  • New gang applications will open up closer to 3.0 release, if you're looking to apply I suggest showing your presence pre-3.0 for a higher chance of being accepted.

The forums will over go a minor overhaul and it will have new features such as Life Stats which will show a bunch of statistics including richest player, richest gang and more.

Teamspeak will also have a huge overhaul due to the new tags and other things that are coming that are secret.

Suggestions have been looked over and things we will be adding are added to the Trello to be added after 3.0. We're mainly looking for rule suggestions for 3.0 as we will be doing an overhaul of the rules. If you have a suggestion for a rule change please post here.

Release date is not confirmed.

We will not be doing a modpack update between now and 3.0 unless urgent.

Full trailer release will most likely be next weekend. 



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https://youtu.be/rvrZJ5C_Nwg?t=142 <<<<< maybe real trailer ?

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