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Kings County: 3.0 Information and Release Date.

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Hello community! You've all been probably waiting for this post for a long time. I started ANZUS on February 1st 2018 with Paul, Jack and some other friends from a server. We've had a lot of ups and downs at some points having 0 population. Thanks to dedication, hard work and not giving up we are here. We started 3.0 in July and we heavily under estimated the amount of work it was going to take to achieve the goals we had but I am very very happy to announce we're finally here.

Project release date: 1st February

I can not thank the development team enough for their hard work and long hours, I estimate that we've spent 5,000+ hours between us on the map alone and the new framework is very nice. Thank you so much to the development team you know who you are.

Please do not ask about a wipe in this thread, it is undecided we will know the day before release when we do our economy overview.

Important things you need to know about 3.0

Gang Wars
Gang Wars will be a big part of 3.0, every 2 weeks we will do a gang war where the winner of the gang war will be the owner of the gang island in the top right of the map. On the week we do not have the gang war the gang will be required to fight/defend off Sheriff/USCG once and Gangs once. The gang who owns the island gets a 15% rebel store there and the ability to start a very cool server wide event. Every official gang will need sufficient numbers to attend every gang wars.
Official Twitch Streamer
We will be selecting 5 new official twitch streamers which will receive in game death cam. I will announce this shortly after this thread.
Official Gangs
We will be selecting 4 more official gangs pre-release so if you're keen to apply have your uniforms ready.
Donations/Reserved slots
Still waiting for Bohemia to approve us but we've sent the application in. If you're interested in buying a reserved slot pre-release message me but you can not have it on Kamdan only when we have the approval of Bohemia which will be on the new modpack. We only plan to sell 100 reserve slots.
24 hour bans
If you have reached over 35 points in the month of Janurary (or whenever the no tolerance policy went out) you will be banned for 24 hours on 3.0 release as stated in the policy. If you are receiving a ban you will receive a private message on the forum.
New Server Rules (Please read and post under suggestions for any changes pre-release)

Current planned timeline (Subject to change)
Friday 31st of January (Between 6PM-10PM GMT, will do a vote in official gangs discord)
Gang wars - Winner owns the island on 3.0 release
Friday 31st January (After gang wars until 12PM GMT Saturday 1st January)
The Purge - Everyone gets unlimited money and XP, same server rules apply but it will most likely be 24/7 martial law and CHAOS!
Saturday 1st February (12PM-3PM GMT)
Main server taken down
Kamdan has Fallen - Will be limited to 75 people due to AI causing so much lag. Will be streamed by multiple people for you all to watch and enjoy.
Saturday 1st February (4PM GMT)
Teamspeak, Website and Faction Documents go down for maintenance
Saturday 1st February (5PM GMT)
New Teamspeak will go up and everyone will be required to obtain their member tag again and do a 5 question quiz on the new rules. If you fail you get an hour cool down on taking the test again.
Saturday 1st February (6PM GMT)
3.0 server will go up and we will slowly let people in (adding 150 people to the database at once can be a bit much)

Note these are all planned dates, nothing is 100% we all know there can be delays when it comes to ARMA 3 servers. We have done over 100 hours of testing so far but there are some things you can only find with 100+ players.

Here is a 3.0 playlist with all videos related to 3.0 or check out #sneak-peeks in the ANZUSGaming discord


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