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Kings County 3.0.2 Hotfix

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  • Founder

Sorry for the minor issues, we will be working hard to get it fully crisp within the next few days, please continue to post #bug-reports we will start updating every 4 hours
Big thanks to @George

  • Asylum Seekers implemented
    • AI Spawn in the water and are marked on the map
    • You drive up to them and they get in your boat (Heli does not work)
    • You take them to any boat shop for civilian and the boat shop for USCG
  • Meth van fixed
  • USCG now get same paycheck as Police
  • Boat Transport implemented
    • Bring fuel and lockpicks to the boat, lockpick and refuel it
    • Civilians take it to Mafia or Cartel base
    • USCG take it to the USCG docks
  • Whitelist restrictions removed from USCG clothing until fix 
  • LSD Processing Fixed
  • Oil Processing Fixed (Windows key on the big things)
  • Oil Rigs fixed (use the left ladder)
  • Gas station robbery notification fixed
  • Medics can now buy vehicles without logging out and in
  • Illegal runs now buffed back to what they were
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