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Kings County 3.0.3 Hotfix

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Another Hotfix!

  • Asylum seekers fixed
  • Boat transport icon now gets deleted if destroyed
  • Updated USCG weapon shop to allow command
  • Updated Cop vehicle shops (added CVPI, Taurus, HWP, DOC and SWAT cars)
  • Fixed Jail Release(I think)
  • Bus vehicles added to jobs
  • Removed script causing a lot of FPS lag
  • Enabled disabled grass in CHVD menu (do this to increase FPS)
  • Meth van fixed (Made it a campervan)
  • Fixed Random Gun Crate to have better guns in it
  • Medics can now see dispatch
  • Medics now have wetsuits
  • Medics can no longer rob players(Whoops)
  • Fixed a few info stands
  • Added more plane crash locations
  • Added Slater hat to gang shop
  • Fixed all oil rigs (They are now all lootable + they don't get destroyed)
  • Fixed Saltwater Spawn
  • Capture point positions/names fixed
  • Lots of ATMS around the map fixed (still report them)

Thanks Oliver and George

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