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Kings County 3.0.7 Changelog [Massive economy changes, bug fixes]

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First off, Happy Valentines Day. Shout out to all the single ANZUS gamers who have spent their night with best partner a man could have.. ANZUS.
After the "3.0 after a week" thread I've realized the economy has to go back to the old Kamdan economy so I've done this, thanks to Toby for helping me adjust the prices. 

  • Rebel shop
    • Gun prices decreased by 20%
    • Bandages decreased by 75% 
  • Cop shop (Same as USCG)
    • Gun prices decreased by 50%
    • Bandages decreased by 75%
    • Flash bangs and other tactical equipment decreased by 30%
  • Fixed CG gas pump
  • Conviction log now saves
  • Buffalo changes
    • I've completed hidden about 30% of the buildings in Buffalo to test if it increases the FPS (Please let me know by posting in bug reports if you feel a change)
    • Added some cranes around the wiped places so it doesn't look silly.
  • Langdale changes
    • Removed several high poly objects
    • Hidden two high poly buildings (Same as Buffalo please let me know by posting it in discord bug reports)
  • Removed airport relics (whoops)
  • Several map changes to increase FPS
  • Moved Earth Processing to Paradise City (The run is a lot smaller from processing to trader, please let me know if this is too op)
  • DOC CVPI added to Cop shops
  • Plate pressing fixed
  • Control panels added to DOC Control room (Empty screens will be fixed on restart)

Keep up the bug reports and suggestions, tomorrows update has some new cool stuff and it and it will be a modpack update (around 1GB which we plan to release before 6am restart)

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