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Kings County 3.1 [New major crime, New boats and more!]

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3.1 already! The development team are pushing hard to give you guys some new stuff and here is some of the work we've been doing.
Update will be live hopefully at 6PM GMT restart or after gang wars.
The mods below are currently on the live server, just not the mission changes.

Google Drive (400MB): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ld74JPFln8Q2CKBKzn8DqFEG6e_czqfi
Arma 3 Sync:
Thanks to George, Joker, Travis, John Doe, Oliver, John Smith, Red, Long Brothers and Tyson.

  • Greenville Bank
    • Requires USB virus
    • Go to the lower floor of the bank and enter the control room and hack into the laptop with a USB virus to open the vault
    • Pack the large amount of gold into your backpack(No bags required)
    • Video below on what it looks like
  • Pirate ship
    • Spawns in a random spot in the water every few hours
    • Discount advanced rebel item shop and weapon shop on the boat (New virtual items such as ejector seat and civilian barricade are found here)
    • This is not marked on the map so its a race against USCG to find the vessel and seize what is on it for a reward.
    • You don't need a helicopter to get on the boat you can swim up the back
  • Ejector seat virtual item
    • Found at advanced rebel
    • Attach ejector seat to a vehicle and scroll wheel anytime to eject the driver
    • Driver has an option to cancel it but its very brief
  • Place-able Barricades virtual item (J Key)
    • Civilians,cops and USCG can now place barricades to spice up combat
    • Abuse of this will result in major exploiting punishment.
  • Jail Changes
    • You can now search multiple locations for different items
      • Canteen (Find cooks key card, spoons, shanks and more in the canteen to assist your break out)
      • Janitors shed (Find janitors key card, shanks)
    • You can now damage the power box to lower the security on the gates
    • Jail shop removed, you can find all items within the new locations
    • % of finding goodies in the loot bins is increased
  • Find the Anubis Quest added
    • Find 3 Anubis around the map (very large golden statues)
    • Reward is $75,000 and a lot of XP
  • Coral changes
    • Now spawns in one location so its easier for USCG to manage
    • Price is now increased due to risk
  • Car crash fire script (Slightly broken on test but the core features are in there will be fixed by tomorrow)
    • Two cars spawn crashed at random locations
    • Fire use a extinguisher to put it out and get rewarded
    • Fire and Sheriff are to work together to block the road if they're available 
  • Removed illegal trader building (Cause of lag when driving into Langdale)
  • Livonia compass added to the top of your screen
    • Option to turn off and on in your phone settings
  • New USCG Boats
  • New gang uniform updates
    • Le Corleone Uniform/Vest/Balaclava/Helmet added
    • Anarchy Uniform/Vest/Helmet added
    • Nuestra Ranking Vests added
  • New MEGA Yacht added ($5,000,000 for first week then going upto $10,000,000)
  • You can now lock the casino vault
  • USCG and Cops now have an app on their phone to raise and lower both draw bridges
  • You can now call for a taxi for the taxi drivers on your phone
  • Civilians can now put people in vehicles
  • Several networking fixes to hopefully fix throw bug and minor desync
  • Capture points no longer touch the road
  • Shackles are removed when you are let out of prison
  • Drones are no longer god mode glitching
  • Stabilizers fixed
  • EMS helicopter added
  • EMS now show on the map for USCG and Sheriff (Please remember you're nuetral)
  • When you drink water your water bottle goes to empty which can now be refilled at water fountains
  • Military ship now requires 10 coastguard to be on, police numbers do not effect it
  • Winchester car fixed
  • Caps added back to shops (Cop, USCG, Medic and Civilian)



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99/10 :D

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