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Looking for 4 official gangs

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Hello everyone, hope you're all well and enjoying 3.0! 😄
I am looking for 4 more official gangs,

If you are interested in becoming official and meet all the requirements feel free to apply.


  • 8 or more gang members
  • Available gang roster that is updated weekly as well as actively recruiting new members
  • All gang members must be active players on the server
  • Must not be trolls
  • Must not be known for cop baiting or robbing new players
  • Must have an active recruiting thread Here

What you get

  • Free gang uniform
  • Free gang vest
  • Invitation to official gangs discord
  • Teamspeak channel
  • Teamspeak tag
  • Ability to attend gang wars

Note: You must make your own gang uniform, if you can't we do have texture developers who can do it for a fee.

Gang uniforms can not look like SWAT or other official gang uniforms, please update your uniform if you wish it to be added granted you are accepted.

Official gangs are required to represent the server in a good way, they must not have a frag mindset and instead of robbing new players they must want to help them and get them started on the server. We don't want people who just go around shooting all day everyday, role playing is encouraged and a good standing and reputation on the server is required.

How to apply


Application Template:
Gang Name:
Gang Leader:
Gang Leader Discord:

Do you have a uniform available:

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):
Member 1: Jake Dingleberry (76561198118830560) [example]

Fill out this template in a reply to this thread

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Application Template:
Gang Name: Short Mafia 
Gang Leader: Kaiko Abrams, Mike Abrams
Gang Leader Discord: Kaiko Abrams#7107, LyrikzGaming#4186

Do you have a uniform available: Yes sir!

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):
Member 1: Kaiko Abrams (76561198873941835)
Member 2: Mike Abrams (76561198040533406)
Member 3: Ean Wolfe (76561198084739258)
Member 4: Ryan March (76561198118184625)
Member 5: JoJo Long (76561198091877878)
Member 6: Cam Ferrinte
Member 7: Travis Mcbob (76561198170036942)
Member 8: Larry Ge (76561198119563476)
Member 9: Alex Savage (76561198084739258) Semi-Active
Member 10: Nab Ulla (awaiting steam 64)

Edited by Kaiko Kaeo
New member
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Kaiko Kaeo

Short Mafia Owner| Kaiko Kaeo#8515| C-10 CPL. K. Kaeo| D-21 Kaiko Kaeo|




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Maybe the Lee’s from you 1.0 should return?


Lee Family Vice President | Ex-Senior Support | Retired-Honorary Constable |  Retired Senior Paramedic | Ex-KSCO Deputy |  Ex-USCG Petty Officer | Ex-CGIS Senior Investigator | 



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Application Template:
Gang Name: Whiskey Cartel
Gang Leader: Shane Willis
Gang Leader Discord: Shane#6748

Do you have a uniform available: Not as of now, but I am willing to pay the fee for developer to create one. Very simple idea in mind for the uniform.

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):
Member 1: Shane Willis ( 76561198248903874)

Member 2: Tristan Willis ( 76561198137327670)

Member 3: Fredo Gzzly ( 76561198278756076)

Member 4: Fredrick McJeffersons ( 76561199013169212)

Member 5: Rider Holcomb ( 76561198157393847)

Member 6: Damian Letterman ( 76561198084017469)

Member 7: Gage Yoshi ( 76561198055878962)

Member 8: Richard Dickson ( 76561198040559754)

Member 9: John Piccadilly (76561198073721646)

Member 10: Cory Bevins (76561198180491555)

Edited by Shane Willis
Added Members
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Application Template:
Gang Name:Infinity
Gang Leader:Bobby Infinity (and Mister Fruity)
Gang Leader Discord:Bobby Jim#1463

Do you have a uniform available:Yes

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):
  total 10

Name Activity Join Date Steam 64 Strikes
Bobby Splinter Active 3/7/2020 76561198313992962 0/3
Mister Fruity Active 3/7/2020 76561199013147336 0/3
Bobby Fischer Active 3/11/2020 76561198120513872 0/3
Senior Member
Bryan Simmons Active 3/9/2020 76561198132574753 0/3
Apollo Rollo Active 3/10/2020 76561199022064324 0/3
Chuck Finley Active 3/11/2020 76561199031686289 0/3
Sam Hyde Active 3/9/2020 76561198142091643 0/3
Demon Draco Active 3/13/2020 76561198064262771 0/3
Willy Billy Active 3/11/2020 76561198076407777 0/3
Tyrone Cockliner Active 3/12/2020 76561198199055002 0/3
Edited by Bobby Jim
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Gang Name: Black Sheep
Gang Leader: Alec Davidson
Gang Leader Discord: Alec D#5928

Do you have a uniform available: Yes we do! Ready to go!

Member 1: Alec Davidson (76561198088757836)

Member 2: Cj Allen: (76561198335834738)

Member 3: Eric Thompson (76561198124215322)

Member 4: Frank Santana (76561198132028616)

Member 5: Tommy Noble (76561198056606313)

Member 6: Rex Diax (76561198033823703)

Member 7: Johnny Stark (76561198131525596)

Member 8: Spencer S (76561198262718965)

Member 9: Viper Borelli (76561197977736539)

Member 10: Benjamin Shekel (76561198215424555)

*Note*   3 More members just don't have their ids

Edited by Alec Davidson
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Application Template:
Gang Name: Olympus Guardians
Gang Leader: Jack Tessio, Matthew Tessio, Oliver Dahmer

Gang Leader Discord: Juice#8121

Do you have a uniform available:Yes


We're gonna use a different helmet.


List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zYMtMckKO0-OV1Poj2mesNiss9RCvSu2goUDyoZAeLM/edit#gid=0

Edited by Matthew Tessio

Free 𝑀𝒶𝓉𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓌 𝒯𝑒𝓈𝓈𝒾𝑜

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