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Kings County 3.2.5 [Chemical Leaks, Contact List Changes, New Jobs, DOC Changes]

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Modpack Update Link:
Google drive mods to update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/115XCSW-387dwqwjdOSwE4dArpxnKTZfW/view?usp=sharing

Google drive full: Currently uploading
Arma 3 Sync:
Size: 600MB

  • Added Fire Department Chemical Leak events
    • Work in progress, however currently completely functional
    • Requires SCBA, Mask and CBRN clothing
    • Anyone nearby not wearing protective equipment will die a slow and painful death, regardless of faction.
    • Requires 4 medics online before it spawns, will be lowered if 4 medics never come online
  • Added a new perk category (Fire Department Perks), currently only contains leak repair speed perk.
  • Contacts List Changes
    • The ordinary contacts list with your added friends has been removed and replaced.
    • All players are now on your contacts list with their job next to their name
    • Boosts player interaction and allows the calling of Taxis and the other new jobs
    • Renamed Contacts app to Phonebook app
  • Fuel Tanker Driver Job
    • Drive a fuel truck when called for for the refueling of aircraft that are in need of fuel such as planes and helicopters.
    • Also may serve as a refuel truck for vehicles that have ran out of fuel
    • Again, with the new phone changes you can now easily call someone based on their occupation.
  • Attorney Job
    • Works only for DOJ whitelisted individuals, come with a base paycheck boost.
    • Callable via the contacts list
  • Laboratory Major Crime
    • Lowest paying major
    • No items required
    • Sell near airport
  • New Island (Berwick)
    • Multiple cool locations including a small place based off Shipment from COD4
    • Will implement shops and LEO jurisdiction over the next few days
  • Added barrier placement menu for medical personnel
  • Increased minimum cops required for Fort Knox
  • Added a police store to the cross river sheriff's office
  • Added trash cans to the DOC yard
  • You can now lockpick the cells internal of DOC
  • Added a perk for repairing vehicles without a toolkit, very expensive end game perk
  • You can now double click on an item and the quantity amount will auto-input at the bottom in the vehicle trunk.
  • Added IR strobes for law enforcement which are only visible in night vision
  • Added full healing at the DOC medical room if not in combat and no medics online
  • USCG charger fixed
  • New gang uniforms
    • Spartan
    • Infinity
    • Whiskey
    • Death Row
    • Milkmen
    • Los Vatos Locos Family


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