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King's County 3.4.5 [Huge Vehicle Customization Changes, Assassination Mission and more]

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Thanks to Doug Jumpah, Consella Redd, Casey Gallo, and Callum Martinez for their work on this update.

Modpack Update Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dlGhVtnKQ7ZacyGU38igd18673lGtWGM/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive Full: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cwWQlX6VtExfWTYA8myEX-MQ2YoxIra1/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:
Size: 1GB

  • Vehicle Customisation Remake (King's Customs)
    • Complete remake of the customisation menu to make it more functional and hopefully less ugly,
    • Added horn customisation so you can now add custom horns to your vehicle,
    • Added rim customisation so you can now recolour your rims,
    • Fixed license plate customisation persistence.
  • Road Names & Road Name Display
    • Most of the main roads have been named and added to the new road database,
    • The road you are on is displayed just below the compass at the top of the screen.
  • Phone Calling Changes
    • Added a sound for when you are receiving a phone call,
    • You will now only get put on the phone frequency if they answer,
    • Increase the cooldown on making a phone call
  • Trucker Job at the job centre with trucking missions that takes you across the map.
  • Lost Technology 
    • Sold by the Mafia or Cartel at the Mob Tech Fence,
    • Tech parts can be found randomly doing actions, very low chance of getting one,
    • If you are not mafia and cartel and you find one, you will have to reach out to a gang member and sell it through them.
  • Niko's Assassination Mission
    • AI will spawn on the map and walk to a random location
    • If you get too close he will go into hiding so you need to snipe him
  • New cars
    • Honda accord
    • Peterbuilt trucks
    • Audi R8
    • Huaydra Roadster
    • Police camaro
    • Tiger beercat
  • Added Cartel & Mafia to the civilian phone book
  • Wanted individuals who do not use offshore bank cards (available at illegal trader) now have a chance to be to be found by police when using an ATM.
  • Optimizations for the job system
  • Added many new glasses to the civilian clothing store and removed crop duster inventory
  • Made coral KOS zone larger
  • Added air shop to the small regional airport
  • Added an interior to the safehouse
  • New level 3 security car added
  • Removed the notification for civilians when a gas station is being robbed
  • Fixed the money bonus for having anzus.life in your username
  • Police lights fixed on Camry, Explorer, Camaro, SRT and more (please report bug-reports if you find a broken car)m
  • Gang uniform changes
    • The lads vest added
    • Zulu uniform added
    • Ruthless uniform added
    • TSA uniform added
    • NWO uniform added
  • Several new cars for EMS and EMS uniform changes
  • Ford Raptor skins added for police


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Nice work Doug!!!!




And George

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Casey Gallo, State Senator representing the inhabited island on the top right with the Helicopter Gas Station

And now a message from the KPRS Commissioner's Office, we are here for the people of Kings Peaks come rain or shine. If you are going through hell, keep going and never, never, never give up. As Kings Peaks Rescue Services is only an application away. Join now

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hell yeah Some Medic love!

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|Adam Wolf~Loxxon Husky|Ex-Playboys Member|Ex-Asylum Solider|Anzus Staff Member|

|3 Years of Service Within ANZUS Police|KSP CRT Officer, CPL|KCSO-Academy & DOC SGT|KCRS Senior Volunteer

|Homeland Security Agent - Senior Trooper|Border Patrol|Trooper's Academy Member|DAO-Prosecutor|

|Support Staff|Anzus Veteran|Jedi Master Member| Government Secretary


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  • Management [Arma 3]
10 hours ago, Jens Bruning said:

awesome update, but would really appreciate it if you could add a feature where you can reset the material of the car to the stock one (not matte or the other 2 colors). Would be massivly appreciated :)

Factory reset was intended to do this but ended up not working, I'm still working on this

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