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Kings County 3.5 [New trees, Saved loadouts, New death system]

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Big thanks to George Matthews, MrBoolean, Dillon Boyd, Oliver Ericsson, Ean Wolfe/Fox, Consuela Redd, Casey Gallo, Myran Abrosa and Jake Miller.

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cd82NHtv0qQzMyn8atzljd1jivAKuBcl/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:
Google Drive (FULL): https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ms0z136uTkoFtJNW2q1SB9DJQ0yEur_/view?usp=sharing

  • New pine tree type layout of the map
    • Forests complete with shrubby and detail
    • Tanoa trees completely removed
    • Moved the map from a tropical base to a North American base
    • Park Rangers added (SMT will drive around RPing as Park Rangers for now)
    • Still a WIP
  • New police computer
    • Shows previous ticket history to allow for more traffic stop RP.
    • Allows you to search plate
    • Allows you to search owner and it shows if they're wanted and their previous tickets.
  • New death system
    • When you take over 100 damage you character will now be incapacitated, not dead.
    • You will be able to hear everyone around you
    • People will be able to pick you up if they have a primary weapon (We will be adding a way for medics to do this with an invisible type of weapon)
  • New save load-outs system
    • Cops and Rebels can now save load-outs (USCG and Medic will be added to this ASAP)
    • Completely restricted to your whitelisted level(s) in-game.
  • New prison
    • Broken bridge to get over
    • Road around the outside that DOC can patrol
  • Map changes
    • More housing added
    • New town square
    • New River near CG base (EPIC bridges to cross it)
    • New Prison layout
    • Berwick changes
    • Old blood diamonds changes
  • New number-plate system
    • When you get a new car it will be assigned a number-plate which is persistent.
    • You can change it at Kings County Customs and it will register as your new plate.
  • New Police cars
    • New D3S charger and SRT lights
  • New EMS cars
  • New pistol pack added to all shops
  • New vehicle shop menu
  • New HUD
  • Art Gallery nerfed
  • Military ship buff
  • New gang uniforms
    • Goblin Boonie added
    • Fanta Helmet added
    • HMT uniform/vest added
    • Invictus full uniform added
    • Old Timer uniform added
    • The lads vest added
    • Weep full uniform added
    • Pepsi uniform added
  • New car
    • AMC Javelin AMX Ringbrothers and Prestone Defiant '1972
  • New interaction to give money (can be done while in combat)
  • New interaction to give items (can be done while in combat)
  • Cars from 3.4 added to shops (Honda, Audi and others)
  • Fixed give ticket animation
  • Fixed eat animation
  • Fixed drink animation
  • New animations added
    • Don't rob me animation (use it while RPing getting robbed)
    • Poo animation (idk why I added this)
    • 4 Punch animations
    • 6 Receive punch animation
    • Cuff player (Good RP to use this if you're a cop cuffing someone)
    • Full surrender (hands and hands behind back, good for cops to use this on felony stops)
    • Idle pistol
    • Idle rifle
    • Dab
    • Pull finger
    • Wanker
    • Hitch hike
    • Rock on dude
    • Exctied
    • Dramatic Fall
    • Here is my ID
    • Wave
    • Facepalm
    • Use tablet
    • New CPR animation for medics
    • Spray wall
    • Tied up on ground
    • Chill on ground(no gun)
    • Chill on ground(Pistol)
    • Scratch head
    • Writing statement
    • Fat Tony Run
    • Roleplay Walk/Talk
    • Loxxon Showing Off
  • Level 1 Bus Driver job vehicle fixed


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Once again An awesome update, Bringing new features and more to do Cheers Devs Doug any anyone involved.

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You better add the damn DOC Plate carrier please its been all most 4 and half months we been using the old crappy DOC Vest. Doug Please fix :)  @Doug Jumper


And much love to you man DOC looking good ! might be harder to hold now as we might need more DOC officers.

Edited by Loxxon Husky

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  • Developer

POG! Thanks all ❤️ 

Some place that a CRT Recon can sit on would be nice (apart from internal roof) just so it is more unique :) And maybe some better barriers please, since front gate is really exposed.

Edited by Mort Higgins
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