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[Community Vote] Wipe?

Wipe now or on 4.0?  

486 members have voted

  1. 1. Wipe now or on 4.0?

    • Wipe now and get new features for 3.6
    • Wait till 4.0 which is 6+ months away

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  • Founder

Hello everyone! Myself, Management and the Development team have been discussing at length the need of a wipe. We have recently set up a new admin panel website with a graph of the economy and how it has gone up. We noticed a huge spike around the leak of a cheat client that over 40+ people who played on ANZUS got caught using this and some of these players funneled money into the server with this cheat.

There will be a wipe event, called The Purge. Everyone will get 10 million dollars added to their bank account for this event. It'll happen over the 3 days prior to the new update/wipe happening.

Here are the options:
Option 1: Wipe on Friday and have a huge update on Friday including

Benefits of wiping: I know wipes are annoying but I feel like they can also be fun, it allows everyone to be on the same playing ground and start fresh. We will also have x2 EXP and x2 Paychecks for the first weekend. We would do a massive update to make it more appealing and add new stuff that makes the wipe make sense. Stuff we plan to update on 3.6 if we wipe.
Two new major crimes

  • Sunken military ship(underwater major crime)
  • Kings County Mint (New federal reserve/bank type building)

Introducing new way of illegal runs (Will be starting with Weed and adding the other drugs as we go on)

  • Drug dropping (Joints)
    • Go to new Crime app on phone and select "find customers"

    • Instead of processing Weed, make it so you buy rolling papers from a gas station and roll them into joints. You get 1-6 joints per one weed nug.

    • Selects a random house within X distance of you

    • You go to the front door of the house windows key and start to sell, selling takes X amount of time compared to how many joints the customer is buying

    • Make it sell between 1-25 joints at a time

    • Make it 100% alert rate to start off and have perks to make it so cops get alerted less

    • Have skills where you can unlock Weed Trafficking and later the other drugs.

New skills system

  • Separate from current perks system (will not be removed/changed)
  • To start off ability to level up mining, drug trafficking and drug manufacturing
    • Higher mining = gathering more.
    • Higher drug trafficking = sell more joints per time
    • Drug manufacturing = more joints per nug
    • Crafting = craft higher tier weapons,cars and items

New crafting system

  • Crafting
    • Ability to craft weapons, virtual items and vehicles.
    • Integration with new skilling system
    • Remove some higher tier guns from advanced rebel and add them to crafting
    • Add new weapons to crafting
    • Add different scopes to crafting (AMS etc)

Twitter phone app

  • Similar to FiveM to help people of the community talk to each other and organize cool events/advertise their gang or company.

Option 2: Wait till 4.0 to wipe
Benefits of not wiping: Everyone keeps their cash, xp and cars. We will still keep the weekly updates coming as we usually do but we would save all the above content for 4.0 and A LOT of other content with 4.0 as well. The issue with this is we plan to release 4.0 near the end of the year which is still 7 months+ away or even later so if we don't wipe now we could see a very bad economy in 2 months time. 4.0 will be a massive update probably even bigger than 3.0 content wise and it will take its time to be perfected.

The option of a soft wipe is not there, its either no go or fully go. Please read and vote honestly. We as management do not care what the result is we just want the best for the community in the long term.



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I say the wipe is needed because in a month or two player base will most probably go down due to players getting tired of the same thing and also that new players would probably not want to join mid wipe or at least not that late to a wipe because it most probably would be a waste of time. I'm all in for a wipe. 

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+1, although skeptical of weapon/vehicle crafting system. ADV rebel guns are rare for good reason due to price. Would have to be extremely difficult to craft them / potentially reliant on random events like weapons cache. Suggestion: maybe have an event where a crashed truck spawns and you go there with jaws of life or similar item to break in and get vital weapon parts? redzone etc and hourly spawn rate?

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Proud advocate for the return of Primitive


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Cops dont need to grind and neither do EMS. New players who haven't made it into a gang get upset and vote full wipe now. Personally I dont think it should wipe considering we have all invested so much time into making the bank we have now so to see it all wipe, personally, would piss a lot of people off


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