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Kings County 3.6.1 Changelog [New farming skill, New cars and more]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yfy8roJ3BquAwcizSBEiAlhOabYVHvHi/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:
Google Drive Full: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14JZcCae4-ycLWfOM4DU7B_-2kYj1hDFN/view?usp=sharing
Big thanks to: MrBoolean, Dillon Boyd, Oliver Ericsson, Myran Abrosa, George Matthews, Ean Wolfe, John Doe.

  • Added: New Farming Skill
    • Farming shop added to Paradise city with multiple seeds
    • Starting plant is Pumpkin
    • Plant on farms for X2 speed, plant on dirt for normal speed
  • Added: Oil Rig Robberies
    • Top floor of oil rig has a sign where you can steal refined oil and sell to oil trader.
    • You steal 1-10 refined oil which sells for $5k each
    • Takes 25-50% more than a gas station
  • Added: Twitter app on phone
    • Send messages to each other
    • Donators have special stars beside their name
  • Added: New spike strip system
    • Instead of instantly going, wheels go yellow when being spiked and make a deflate sound
    • Wheels pop after 10-30 seconds
  • Added: New job changes
    • Street Cleaner
    • Lawn Mower
    • Tow Truck job fully implemented
      • Police mark vehicles for tow
      • Take the car to DOC for a reward
    • Level 1 and Level 2 bus added
  • Added: Several new Police cars
    • Dodge Duragno
    • Mitsubishi Evo
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • Range Rover SVR 17
    • Slick top dodge charger with new charger light/sirens system
  • Added: New cars
    • Hoonicorn V2 1965
    • Corvette ZR1 (Thanks to Dustin Cena for funding this)
  • Added: New HUD
  • Added: New police gloves
  • Added: Police mobile command vehicle and EMS mobile command vehicle (VPC)
  • Added: Coastguard patrol missions (Boat only)
  • Added: Highway Patrol Police Bike
  • Added: New EMS Doctor Clothing
  • Added: New Vice Faction replacing Highway Patrol, Highway Patrol is now a division of Patrol.
    • Vice are an assistant faction to special operations.
  • Added: Siren for all EMS cars
  • Added: Xray Machine to operating room for EMS
  • Added: Several Dupe Fixes
  • Added: New gang uniforms
    • Fat Tony Gang uniform added
    • Crusaders uniform added
    • Spark cap added
  • Added: New progress bar (Look and functionality)
  • Added: Different colored Wetsuits
  • Added: SDAR to USCG and Rebel
  • Added: Inventory double click suggestion
  • Added: Glasses to rebel shop
  • Added: New rolling joint and selling animations
  • Added: Ability to walk through dead bodies (Boolean is a goddev)
  • Added: Give license system
  • Changed: All vehicle tints removed
  • Changed: Removed TFR hint for outdated TFR
  • Changed: Put the old big red DOC building back
  • Changed: Several cars speeds/acceleration buffed/nerfed
  • Changed: Fuel price
  • Changed: LSD is now owned by Cartel, Weed is now owned by Mafia
  • Changed: Art gallery script re-written
  • Changed: Police charger siren
  • Changed: Several Police cars buffed to keep up with Civilian cars
  • Fixed: Shipping container mission (CG and Civilian)
  • Fixed: Tow truck no longer russian
  • Fixed: Several Police Light Bars
  • Fixed: No longer animate while eating/drinking in a vehicle
  • Fixed: Repairing perks
  • Fixed: Clothing shop error
  • Fixed: Trucking job not giving money
  • Removed: Several mod side scripts which should increase FPS
  • Removed: Advanced repelling mod


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