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Kings County Community Auction!!!

Jack Knight

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Kings County's First Community Auction!!!


As this is Kings County's first auction we will be selling house packs, custom gold plated cars, a private jet and more!!!

Some screenshots are below :) 


Google Doc


Time and Date:

Date: 06/06/2020 Saturday BST

Start time: 22:00 BST // 13:00 PST // 07/06/2020 07:00 AET



1. You may NOT bid on something if you do not want the item or have the capability to buy said item.

1.1. Some Items you may “Loan” and have  days to pay the remaining percentage of the money back before it is removed.                                

2. The event will be mainly RP, so no breaking it without reason. 

3. No killing/knocking out or tasing people. 

3.1 This also includes shooting a whole. All weapons must be holstered unless you are apart of the events staff.                                                  

4. If you break any of these rules you shall be removed from the event. 

5. If you are coming in vehicles park in the parking garage, if a car is parked not in the garage, it WILL be deleted

6. All buyers MUST stand on the platform below(the ATM platform) not on the auctioneers stage.


What we are selling:

Monster Truck
Mercedes Maybach
Gold Plated Maybach
Furniture Pack#1
Harambe Statue (MUST OWN PROPERTY)
Furniture Pack#2
MadMax Cardinal Grinder
MaxMax Chevrolet Advance 1953
Furniture Pack#3
AG Tracteur (Tractor)
Tirepallete (Forklift)
(Police Only) Number Plate
Ability to kill Doug Jumper in electric chair
Faction Donator Store
Gold Plated Rolls Royce Ghost EWB
Sniper Loadout
Random Loadout
Random Loadout
Ghillie Suit #1
Ghillie Suit #2
Dodge Challanger R/T 426 Hemi '71
Gold Plated Dodge Challanger
Strider (1 RESTART ONLY)
Private Jet







Jack Knight

Florida State | Retired Senior Admin

The Original

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Did some quick math based on my income per hours with the mil truck and helicopter...... The guy who has the 9.7mil loan would need 97 hours of silver, 80 hours of flowers, or 53 hours of blood diamonds in the next two weeks...
That does not include any jail time, breaks from the game, weapons for defense, or insurance costs for vehicles...

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