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Kings County 3.6.3 [TECH LAB RETURNS, Bug fixes, Double XP]

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Thanks to - George Matthews, Jake Miller, John Doe, Tono Tono, Mr Boolean, Pop Smoke and Oliver Ericsson.
Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qLs5JTfFVhZ3BpLiWQD7ZqEMm1MUJFSb/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (full):
Arma 3 Sync:

  • Tech Lab major crime
    • Buy reinforcements for the windows (they're allowed to be shot through when there is no reinforcement)
    • Y menu - Use item on the windows to baracade the windows
    • USB virus required
    • Located in cross river
  • Bitcoin dark web added to rebel
    • Obtain bitcoin from robbing tech lab
  • Loadouts fixed
  • New crimes added to crimes list in-game to reflect USCG related crimes
  • Towing changes
    • Cops can now mark to tow if its not accepted in 15 seconds cops can then impound the vehicle
  • Cyanide capsule price increased
  • You can now open and close gates as Cop/USCG with your O key
  • Police Vests Armour fixed
  • New Frank Castle unique/one of a kind NG vest added
    • If you're interested in a one of one custom model vest/helmet contact me.
  • Fixed seizing illegal items mulitplier
  • Cops can now lock the casino vault
  • LSD now only shows for mafia
  • EMS formal uniforms added
  • Oliver Grogan unique gun added
  • Ram ranch gang uniform added
  • Dirty bandit uniform added
  • HMT uniform changes
  • Point break uniform added
  • New clock tower added
  • Fixed Police bike horn and added new lightbar
  • Repears car added
  • New bottle hunter
  • Cops and USCG can now use "O" key to open vehicle security gates.
  • Fixed Sunken Ship Major
  • Fixed Cross River DMV Map Marker
  • Fixed Cross River Garage ATM floating
  • Fixed Shark news Floating
  • Fixed Marijuana Exports Floating
  • Fixed spelling of Saltwater Springs on spawn menu
  • Removed weapon from shops that's no longer in the mod pack
  • Added Mint major cooldown timer
  • Added Sunken ship major cooldown timer
  • Blocked broken DOC door
  • Fixed LSD going to both Mafia and Cartel, now only goes to Mafia
  • Fixed new trucks have price of 0 and not being buyable
  • Fixed heroin field
  • Removed bus stop from middle of road in the new park
  • Police can now lockup casino vault in buffalo
  • Double XP added for two restarts
  • New bottle location


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