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Kings County 3.7 [Massive map changes, New Jewelry store, New EMS buddy system]

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Thanks to George Matthews, Doug Jumper, Tono Tono and Oliver Ericsson

Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19UmQ6UgUXefLZs4RxPA4cWy1LnK0FHds/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (full):
Arma 3 Sync:

  • New major map changes
    • Most major crimes moved to different location
      • National Bank to Buffalo
      • Langdale Casino to Buffalo
      • Saltwater Bank to Paradise
      • Woodriver bank to Woodriver (Changed location)
      • Art Gallery to Langdale
      • Buffalo Casino to Cross River
      • Greenville bank to Saltwater
      • Military ship to St Georges Lake
      • Fortknox and Mint the same area, we will change these in the future
    • New trees across the entire map
    • Added a Rowan orchard north side of the map
    • Removed Airport Island and Old DOC Island
    • New LEO Training at the top of Kings County
    • Big changes to the paradise highway with multiple overpasses
    • Gang island completely redone
    • Several island changes
    • Lake wumbo name added :)
  • New Jewelry Store
    • Similar to gas station, low amount of cops required to start it and takes about 4-6 minutes to rob (without perks)
    • Script is simple for now, go to store and rob the center jewl case. We will improve this over time.
    • 10-50k reward
  • New EMS buddy system
    • EMS can now set a friend EMS as their buddy so when they revive people they both get money
    • Windows key to set buddy
    • Must be close to each other to receive buddy payout
  • New gang uniforms
    • Homies gang uniform
    • DND gang uniform
    • SFNP gang uniform
    • Nihilists gang uniform
    • Any gang uniforms/updates that were meant to be there last week
  • Acog scope added to rebel for $7000
  • Fix for uniform going invisible when switching seat(Maybe throw?)
  • Levels added upto 400
  • Tap shoulder function removed
  • Several bug and dupe fixes
  • Bottle hunter now spawned by the server and can be changed after being found without restart.
  • USCG licences such as faction donator now save



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Good update, looks pog.

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I like the new Sheriff Training Grounds looks sweet!

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