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Kings County 3.7.1 [New Daily Quests System, Gang Houses and more]

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Thanks to John Doe, Oliver Ericsson and Doug Jumper.

Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19UmQ6UgUXefLZs4RxPA4cWy1LnK0FHds/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (full): Soon
Arma 3 Sync:

  • Daily Challenges/Quest System
    • Every single 24 hours you will be given X amount of quests to complete within that 24 hours
    • These quests will give a large amount of EXP and money and we urge people to do them daily.
    • There is different quests from robbing houses, to attacking radar stations, robbing stores etc.
    • The intent is to make all content viable and its a step into a full questing system we will add in the future.
  • Gang houses (Detailed explanation here)
    • 3 tiers of houses (Warehouse, House, Mansion)
    • Very large gang storage
    • Ability to rob the gang storage and gang funds
    • Grown home-grown weed inside your house (this weed is used to roll into joints not normal weed)
    • Ability to board up windows
    • Cops can raid gang houses (Will be implementing strict SOPS/Rules around this)
    • We will be updating the map next week with very nice looking compounds, for now they will be placed on the map in a good spot.
  • Capture point changes
    • Funds now go into gang bank
    • You now get more money the more points you own
  • New hunting rifles to the hunting store
  • Houses inside of the nature reserve now purchasable
  • Hunting System Changes
    • Animals will now make loud noises when shot
    • Changes to when animals can and cant be harvested
    • Animals will now be around and in the nature reserve throughout the entire restart
    • Other changes to the hunting system
  • Plane crash fixed
  • Helicopter crash fixed
  • Ram ranch new uniform added
  • Reapers wetsuit added
  • Warhorse gun added
  • Pumper fire truck fixed
  • Fixed Paradise Medic Helispawn


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Great update, keep them coming.

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