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Kings County 3.7.4 [Furniture system, Firearm Registry and More]

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  •  Furniture system
    • Buy different furniture from the furniture store in Paradise City
    • Persistent over restart
    • When placing furniture use PGUP and PGDOWN to change the height
  • Firearm Registry system
    • All legal firearms purchased are now logged in a database which can be searched by Police on their Police PC
  • New animation menu
    • Categorised for ease of use
  • Alcohol from the bar now adds to your blood alcohol level
    • Cops can search your blood alcohol level
    • You will pass out or make mistakes when driving if you have a high BAC
  • Checking licence of driver now only checks if the direct is in the vehicle
  • Several gang house changes/fixes
  • Plane crash fixed
  • Medic paradise heli spawn fixed
  • Cops can now blow through the tunnel after civilians have blown up the door.



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Hell yeah time to do some RBT videos x3

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Time to be a alcoholic, and get pulled over every five minutes. Also have a Class 3 as well.

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54 minutes ago, Oliver Blax said:

I've wanted a firearm registry for so long.


"This kid is the most annoying attorney to ever deal with"

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