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Mass unban

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Hi everyone, on the 1st of August last year we did a mass unban of a lot of people we will be doing this again. People who were banned for a lengthy amount of time and think they deserve a second chance please join the unban request discord an make a ticket.

Note this is only for permanent or removed from community bans.

If you were banned for the following reasons do not apply for an unban:

  • Hacking of any kind (Using 3rd party softwares)
    • Note this does not include duping
  • DDosing
  • Scamming (Charging back)
  • Doxxing (Leaking personal information of staff members or other players)

Lying in your ban appeal about your reason or anything else will result in an immediate denial.

If you are unbanned you will be put on a 30 day probation with 90 points meaning if you break any rules your previous ban will be in place.

Discord link - https://discord.gg/x2Bn3Qv


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