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Kings County 3.8 [New Majors, Drug Mission & Much More!]

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Big thanks to our development team who assisted along side myself - Oliver Ericsson, Doug Jumper, John Doe, Big M and Will Boyd.
Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HHS126e96krO79uJ1aJ1MGU--97LLNFQ/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (full):
Arma 3 Sync:


  • Added Jewellery Store Major Crime
    • You can now rob the vault of the Jewellery Store.
    • Inside of the vault is between 300 and 500 thousand dollars. Making it not a great payout for 15 men to do it, so please don't :)
  • Added Car Dealership Major Crime
    • Blow the vault and get the car keys,
    • Steal the spawned vehicle and drive to the chop shop,
    • Sell price depends on the car that appears, so you will need to learn what sells for what.
    • Minimum of $250,000 and maximum of $600,000 valued vehicles can spawn and be sold.
    • All robbable car dealerships are marked on the map with a target marker.
  • Added Demerit System
    • Cops can give demerit points for driving offences
    • If you hit 12 points you lose your licence and car gets impounded
  • Added Drug Boat Mission
    • Start the mission at Mafia or Cartel, you don't need to be these roles to start.
    • Your boat will be marked on the map and you must deliver it to its designated location to be paid.
    • Watch out for the Coast Guard, they will intercept unmarked subsurface vessels.
  • Added Grave Digging
    • A revamped feature from ANZUS 1.0, grave digging allows criminals to steal items from tombs at graveyards.
    • There is a low chance you get keys for a random car that spawns on the map, this car cannot be lockpicked.
    • There is a chance the police will get notified and a chance they will not, you will not know which one it is.
  • Added Medical Missions
    • Missions are Search & Rescue and a House Call for a downed person.
    • Medics will need to use stretchers to rescue the victims.
    • Manually spawned for debug purposes for the first few days of 3.8 release.
  • Added Real Estate Job
    • When real estate agents are available you will not be able to buy a house without calling them.
    • All houses have a base real estate fee of $50,000 (even without a agent), this was included in the prices before this update, so prices have not increased.
    • Real estate agents can lower their fees to be more a more enticing agent, this will lower the cost of your house from default.
  • Added Skydiving Pilot Job
    • Similiar to bus driving, except in the air, pilots can take citizens out on a skydiving session.
  • New Prison Bus for the Department of Corrections
    • Thanks to the Loxxon for funding this vehicle for the community and the department.
  • Gang uniforms added
    • Nihlists new uniform added x2
    • SFNP new uniform added
    • Krispy new uniform added
    • Capone new uniform added
    • Winterhill new uniform added
    • New HMT uniform 
  • Coast Guard can now neutralise the "Isolated Islands" capture point near Berwick.
  • Fixed the intro camera during loading being over the ocean.
  • Fixed the tree in the middle of the overpass road at western highway.
  • Modified the effects of BAC and fixed bugs related to Blood Alcohol.
  • Added several new aircraft to the civilian air store such as the ultralight and some gliders.
  • Added the highway patrol helicopters to the highway patrol stores.
  • Increased the base paycheck of all legal jobs from the job center.
  • Fixed an issue which would make the RNG crate spawn empty and be a big scam.
  • Fixed the non-transparent tint on some vehicles causing issues such as the commission range rover.
  • Civilians will now be notified when a cop takes their BAC.
  • Added an "on demand" ragdoll key of Ctrl Backspace
    • This cannot be done with a weapon out or in restraints.
  • Increased the variety of weapons available in the weapons cache.
  • Removed a double stop sign at DOC.
  • Added a server-wide notification for when the Asylum Seekers are turned in.
  • Added Winter Hill Gang House
  • Added a Air Manual like the Boat Manual to aviators helicopters and planes.
  • Fixed an issue of the chemical leak smoke despawning & the marker not despawning when repaired.
  • New Gang Uniforms Added for Winter Hill, HMT, Capone, Krispy Kreme and SFNP
  • USCG faction wars trophy added
  • MSRT Hummingbird added
  • New EMS Rescue Vehicle



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  • Added Demerit System
    • Cops can give demerit points for driving offences
  • If you hit 12 points you lose your licence and car gets impounded
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Chief Justice Gupta

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Yoooooo my slime I know you really don’t know mandem like that, But I was wondering if I can purchase summin styl fam. Just a bit of Grub my driller. I really wanna know what your price is saying cuz I wanna blem a zoot with my boydem and gyaldem. G you feel me. So get back to me cuz I know your the top dog round ere. I wanna purchase the food from you Bruce and no body else. So peace out tho rahhh safe and get back to me on the Quickting brodem

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Bottom Fragger

Guy with the last name nobody can pronounce 


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1 minute ago, Lewis Miller said:

This is pog

couldnt agree more bossman really like the enthusiasm

Edited by Mikey Mongelli
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1 minute ago, Roman Woodburn said:

Great work guys, cant wait to do the jewelry major!

Yes man me too can't wait to do it also


NWO // Primitive // DND // Zyrian Pirates // Peaky Blinders // Divinity // Sinaloa Cartel // Seagull Gang // Anarchy. // 1800 // HMT

Ex. Patrol Cpl // Academy SGT

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