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Doug Jumper

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10AM NZT SUNDAY (Its saturday night for most of you)


Just like gang wars, but duos. You and your partner will strive to be the last team alive. 


1. Combat reviving allowed

2. No teaming with others

3. No Helicopters

If found to be in breach of these rules, you may be banned for a minimum of 1 week. 


Prize Pool is going to be $6,500,000
1st: $5,000,000
2nd: $1,000,000
3rd: $500,000

There will be a 10 man staff team spectating and monitoring any rule breaks, stream sniping, using discord or teaming.

Please register below with your name and your partners name. First 55 teams will be in, the rest will be reserved.  

First come will be first served. 


Team name:
Team member 1: Name and STEAM64ID
Team member 2:
By applying you agree you can make it on time and you will turn up.


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Team name: Big Dick Bandits
Team member 1: Sho Time 76561198137714097
Team member 2: Jim Black 76561198151135856 


Senior Moderator | SERT Lieutenant 

| SERT Head Breacher | SWAT Asst. Trainer | Olympus | Somali Pirates | DnD | Regicide | Zulu

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Team name: Homies With Extra Chromies
Team member 1: Tommy Little - 76561198159288996
Team member 2: John Rocket - 76561198384104500
By applying you agree you can make it on time and you will turn up.

                      Retired Patrol SGT

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Team name: Best Reapers
Member 1: Peter Jackson 
Team member 2: Logan Bridges 76561198062445595
By applying you agree you can make it on time and you will turn up.

High Command - Reapers
Colonel - Alaska State Troopers
Sheriff - Los Diablos Sheriff's Office

Chief - Montana State Police
Lt. Colonel  - Texas State Police

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Team name:  Cum in ur Sock
Team member 1: Cam Sox - 76561198273398479
Team member 2: Lewis Brown - 7566119818924499 
By applying you agree you can make it on time and you will turn up. Yepp






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Team name: Kings County Young Team
Team member 1: Daniel Wylie - 76561198134556217
Team member 2: Mikey Mongelli - 76561198353660637


NWO // Primitive // DND // Zyrian Pirates // Peaky Blinders // Divinity // Sinaloa Cartel // Seagull Gang // Anarchy. // 1800 // HMT

Ex. Patrol Cpl // Academy SGT

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