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1 week no tolerance and what to focus on during this week

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Hi everyone, if you're new(ish) to ANZUS you will not be aware but every few months we do a no tolerance policy just to keep everyone in the correct mindset to make the server fun for everyone. Recently the roleplay has started to slip a bit so we're going to do 1 week of no tolerance starting today ending August 7th.

This means that all points will be doubled and any rule break will be a mandatory ban (If you're a new player and its your first rule break you will be given a warning)

The main things I have noticed slipping up:

  • Referring to other characters (Rule 2.6)
  • Value of life rule (Rule 4.0)
  • Remaining in character (Rule 2.1)
  • Medical custody (Rule 2.13)

You should always take into consideration other players when playing, most people are playing for a bit of roleplay so staying in character is important. If you need to refer to something out of character find a creative way to reference it in character e.g. "You can go to the government website to apply for Police" is a good replacement for forum. 

LEO factions need to remember to do their best to not just shoot shoot shoot, attempt to use less lethal options at any course and civilians/rebels need to not go around wanting combat 24/7. 

When revived by a medic, give them 15 seconds of your time to increase their immersion by acting some what injured. It encourages good roleplay and makes it more enjoyable for the EMS. Everyone knows how annoying it is when there is no EMS on, so try make their day a little easier and better :)

Any questions, make a ticket or dm me.

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