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Kings County 3.8.2 [Big map changes, Police dogs, EMS rework, New cars & More!]

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Big thanks to our development team who assisted along side myself - George Matthews, Oliver Ericsson, Jack Knight, Aiden Sparker, Dillon Boyd and Will Boyd
Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cd82NHtv0qQzMyn8atzljd1jivAKuBcl/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (full): TBA
Arma 3 Sync:

  • Big map changes
    • Rebel moved
    • New racetrack added
    • Several new residential spots added
    • Crossriver River redone
    • New port in Newwich
    • Removed a lot of random trees in roads etc
    • Milship moved
  • EMS Changes
    • Now named Kings County Rescue Services
    • All uniforms redone
    • Most cars redone
    • Ladder truck now goes down
  • Dog Squad
    • For capt+ KSCO only for now for testing
    • Dogs can attack
    • Dogs can stun
    • Dogs can search vehicles
    • Dogs can ride in vehicles
    • Killing a dog is classed as murder of an LEO for now
  • New cars
    • Toyota Hilux Arctic '14 (Police)
    • VW Type2 HE '63
    • PEE P50 '62
    • Ford Falcon GT '15 (Police)
    • Ctsv '16 (Police)
    • 300 '12 (Police)
    • AMG GT '19 (Police)
  • New boats
    • Catamaran
    • Airboat
    • Sab boat
  • New gang stuff
    • Sinaloa Cartel
    • Zyrian Pirates
    • HMT uniform fix
    • Empire uniform added
    • Nomads biker uniform added
    • Nomads bike added
    • Reaper 57 added
    • Reaper gun fixed
  • New MSRT uniform changes
  • New CGIS uniform changes
  • Ease of access code of laws button added to phone
  • Coastguard can now give fresh water fishing licence to civilians to allow them to fish higher priced fish in Lake Wumbo and Crossriver River
  • Playtime now saved to database
    • Will be accessible for faction leads to manage activity
  • When you die you now can talk to other dead people (still the same new death system with the benefit of talking to others who are dead
  • Buffalo Casino (Nopixel casino) fixed


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Pougs mate

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