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Kings County 3.8.4 [New homicide investigation system, Medical claims, New car and more!]

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Big thanks to our development team who assisted along side myself - Phoenix Gunner, John Doe, Doug Jumper, Dillon Boyd, Oliver Ericsson.
Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19hafi576FF0-_iA0ZMeeLdXRfZ_KQhOq/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (full): Coming soon
Arma 3 Sync:

  • New Homicide Investigation Features
    • Gun Shot Residue will remain on the hands of an offender for around 5 minutes, can be washed off. It can be checked for by CID and CGIS.
    • CID can now uncover evidence from a body which will show the weapon used and the distance of the killer.
    • Ability to wash hands in water (windows key when knee high in water)
  • New Medical Claim system
    • Medics can now press 8 on a dead person on the map and claim their body which will not allow people to CPR
    • If the person is less than 10% then anyone can CPR revive them
  • New Civilian Job: Coroner
    • Coroners can be called by non-detective law enforcement to perform the same level of body inspection of CID.
    • Coroner textured vehicles will arrive next update.
  • Furniture Changes and Fixes
    • Added several new custom made pieces of furniture.
    • Fixed the limit of placed furniture items.
    • Made furniture rotatable after being placed.
    • Fixed furniture not being removed from the house inventory after being placed.
    • Fixed the furniture store not taking money.
  • Added Random Treasure
    • Shovels are purchasable from normal general stores
    • Search the Islands around Kings County or the beaches of the Main Island for poles indicating treasure and dig.
    • You can find random items or a lump amount of cash.
  • Tuna is now significantly more expensive than other fish, and can only be caught in Lake Wumbo
    • As of 3.8.2 you need a Freshwater License from the Coast Guard to legally fish in lake wumbo.
  • Map Changes
    • New Residential Area in Buffalo
    • New Residential Area West of the Racetrack (Smallville)
    • New Trailer Park North West of the Racetrack
    • Connected Cross River River with the Bay of Division @ St George's Island
    • Removed Sidewalk Blocking Paradise Surburbs
  • Fishing changes
    • Fishing is buffed money wise
    • Fishing now has animations while fishing
  • New Gang Stuff
    • Trick Sanchez Bong mask to Winterhill
    • Trevor Daniels HMT uniform added
    • New reapers uniform added
  • Ability for police to restrain incapacitated people (Takes 5 seconds)
  • New spikestrip model
  • New G-Wagon (only obtainable through auctions/giveaways)
  • Fixed vehicle airdrop hint spam
  • Fixed animations not finishing when progress bar ends (Lock-picking cell doors etc)
  • Escort windows key option now should show in front page of Windows menu
  • Updated Governor Vehicle Store
  • Removed Gang Recruitment Phone app from USCG and KCSO
  • Added 6 new possible locations for the chemical leak to spawn
  • Fixed major crime notificiations and map markers displaying the wrong city name
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some people from seeing the AAN major crime alerts.
  • Added multiple new daily challenge variants for different features new and old.
  • Texting 911 dispatch will now display the occupation of the caller, useful for security reporting an active robbery and other roles.
  • Fixed an issue allowing radar station robberies to be completed even after death.
  • Seperated the GPS prefix persistance for USCG and KCSO.
  • Several hints fixed
  • Skills and Gang Recruitment no longer show on Police phone
  • Changed mission marker for chemical leak
  • Added New Car Dealership Major Location to Saltwater
  • Added new ownable properties/businesses


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Real Nice Doug Love it ! Great Job ANZUS Dev Team !

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  • Developer
On 8/29/2020 at 6:23 PM, Oliver Blax said:

Governor shop updated?!?!?!?!?!?


Wait where do we get the vehicles?

Edited by Mort Higgins

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