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Looking for Official ANZUSGaming Streamers

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  • Founder

 Hello everyone! Recently I have been privileged to obtain partnership on twitch. This allows me to make a team specifically for ANZUSGaming and to have streamers from the community to all be in one place. We are looking for some official ANZUS streamers who stream consistently and show the community to the world in a positive manner.

ANZUS Twitch Team: https://www.twitch.tv/team/anzus

  • Join the ANZUS Twitch Team
    • This will be advertised at the top of our website and people will click on it and see which official streamers are live.
  • Content Creator tag on discord which puts you high up so people can see your stream
  • Every 100 hours streamed on ANZUS you get to give away 2 month reserved slots for free.
  • Free Deathcam in-game
  • Instant access to beta testing for future projects
  • Ability to redeem 1 week reserved slot every month, for yourself or a friend.

What we expect from you

  • Consistent streams on ANZUSGaming
  • Loyalty to ANZUSGaming
  • !ANZUS or similar command in your title and commands
  • ANZUSGaming in your dashboard



Stream link: (Please display as a link and not embed the video)
Hours able to stream per week:
Previous ANZUS vods: (Please display as a link and not embed the video)

Tips to be accepted

  • Stream actively before you apply, we will not be accepting anyone who is not actively streaming ANZUS
  • Have a nicely laid out stream dashboard
  • Not be a known rule breaker
  • HYPERS 1
  • Poggers 1
  • salute 1
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  • Developer
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Name: Ryan Najail
Stream link: (Please display as a link and not embed the video)  https://www.twitch.tv/extrasaltytomato

Discord: ExtraSaltyTomato#7868


Hours able to stream per week: 20-25
Previous ANZUS vods: (Please display as a link and not embed the video) 





Edited by Ryan Najail
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Kings County Sheriff's Office | Patrol Sergeant | Dirty Bandit Solo Wars Winner

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Name: KermitBlyat
Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/kermitblyat

Discord: Kermlit#7833
Hours able to stream per week: 12+, trying to get more into streaming more often. Having to use my phone as a webcam rn which is the only thing putting me off, when webcams get cheaper I will get a good one and definitely be streaming more.
Previous ANZUS vods:




Trying really hard to up my channel, so being accepted would help alot!

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Name: Alex Dahmer/Savage
Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/alex__dahmer
Discord: Alex C. #0666
Hours able to stream per week: All of my gameplay 15+
Previous ANZUS vods: 





A big factor is I would be able to stream SWAT game play which pulls a lot of viewers and people who are interested in becoming KCSO on ANZUS.

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Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate Command

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Name: (COP) Cameron Stone / (CIV) Cameron Rune
Stream link: twitch.tv/nodramajustallama

Discord: NoDramaJustALlama#0021
Hours able to stream per week: 30-60 Hour Depends on my motivation for that week (I've streamed everyday for about a month basically)
Previous ANZUS vods:  https://clips.twitch.tv/WonderfulDistinctOpossumTwitchRaid

For a handful of vods just go to past broadcast i got alot

I only average about 5 -8 viewers at this time.

Edited by Cameron Rune


    Twitch | NoDramaJustALlama

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