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Kings County 3.9 Hotfix [Modpack update]

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Just a small update to fix issues with 3.9, obviously a big update means more stuff can go wrong. Big ups to KCRS their uniforms/cars hardly worked the past few days and we didn't hear one complaint, on behalf of the development team we appreciate you guys being understanding.

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cd82NHtv0qQzMyn8atzljd1jivAKuBcl/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync: NA: EU:

  • All KCRS Cars/Uniforms fixed
  • UCSG Tundra added to shop PO+
  • Patrol Tundra added to shop
  • Long sleeves added to mods, most likely will not be in until 3.9.1 due to skin issues.
  • New dirty bandits uniform added
  • New winter hill uniform added
  • Puckles custom gun added
  • Calpad custom gun added
  • Dirty bandits car added
  • You can no longer plant close to the farming store or in a green/blue zone.
  • Fasting fixed
  • Digging now works at day time
  • Spoons are now illegal
  • GPS Tracker now takes 12 seconds to use instead of 1
  • Fixed Cargo Ship Alert time
  • Yacht now has 700 storage, will be monitored very closely to see if its OP or not, 1.8 applies.


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K9 unit Husky Reporting for duty 

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1 minute ago, Doug Jumper said:

Because you didn't report a bug.

yall said u was gon fix it next update

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