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Kings County 3.9.1 [New shank system, Run buffs, Burglary buff]

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  • Management [Arma 3]

Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cd82NHtv0qQzMyn8atzljd1jivAKuBcl/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync: NA: EU:

The developers are working hard on 4.0 which is projected for 3 months away, this update is mainly a bug fix update with some new small features in the back end.

If you're interested in getting exclusive sneak peeks for 4.0 and willing to contribute to the development of 4.0 message me.

  • When robbing stores with the safe in the back, you now have a chance of finding the safe code after the robbery.
    • To open the safe, rotate it left to the first number, right to the second number and then left again to the third number.
    • If you make a mistake, close and reopen the menu to reset it.
    • If you input the correct code the safe will open and you will receive an additional payout from the original robbery.
    • You can hold shift to speed up the dialing process, but slow down as you get close to the targetted number.
    • Video example: https://streamable.com/qhp3xu
  • New Purchasable Stores
    • Several new gas stations
    • Made KFC an ownable business
  • Fixed unusable quick splint
  • Shift + 0 bandage bind will default to adhesive bandage if you don't have any elastic bandages, and splint if you don't have adhesive.
  • Added a Government Office to Paradise City
  • Readded alot of road names
  • Added a KFC to Saltwater
  • Added more water refill points around the map and at DOC
  • Increased XP and Profit from fishing in Lake Wumbo
    • With the new fishing season, all freshwater licenses have expired, get relicensed by the USCG.
  • Gang House Fixes
    • Fixed it so that you can grow weed more than once at the gang house
    • Increased the amount of weed you get when growing at a gang house
    • The physical storage will no longer reset every restart
    • Breaking into the front door of a gang house now works
    • Gangs need atleast 8 members online to be raided or robbed instead of 5
  • Chemical Leak can now seep into the CBRN equipment after budget cuts in the KCRS, Rescue Services who are exposed should go to the new decontamination at paradise fire station.
  • Added the Kitbag, its more of a visual item and holds less items than the invisible backpack, magic.
  • Added text indicating your inventory spaced used and maximum space on the y menu inventory
  • Renamed KCFD Dispatch to KCRS Dispatch
  • Changed EMS title in the phone book from Fire Department to Rescue Services
  • New shank system reworked again
  • New police long sleeve uniform
  • All broken police hats fixed
  • All broke police vests fixed
  • The two crossriver penthouses are now for sale with 10 storage capacity at $12,500,000
  • Blood diamonds buffed 1500 to 1700
  • Uranium buffed 2013 to 2213
  • LSD buffed 1176 to 1460
  • Cocaine massive buff 1350 to 2000
  • Joints massive buff 750 to 1100
  • All exotic car prices MASSIVELY nerfed
  • Iron mine moved to old uranium
  • Iron processing moved to the same port as blood diamond process
  • House robbery rewards all buffed
  • Yacht weight now 1000
  • Sheriff Long sleeved fixed
  • Corrections Long sleeved fixed
  • Police Patrol Toyota Hilux added
  • Police Patrol GT19 added
  • Park Ranger uniform updated
  • Boat garage added to DOC docks for CG
  • New donation system + New shop layout
  • 1800 Uniform
  • OFB Uniform
  • LaFamilia Unifrom
  • Reapers Uniform Updated
  • EMS hellcat updated
  • EMS hats updated and added
  • SWAT Diver uniform
  • HMT QRT Vest
  • HMT Range Rover
  • HMT MK18
  • Coyote Sulzboter Honeybadger
  • Ash Ketchup AR15



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