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Kings County 3.9.2 [Two new majors, New minor robbery and more!]

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Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19UmQ6UgUXefLZs4RxPA4cWy1LnK0FHds/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync: NA:
EU Responsitory will be updated later

This update is pretty small, I wrote some simple and easy scripts to bring some more stuff for USCG to do until 4.0 comes out. Interested in contributing towards 4.0? What to see some secret sneak-peeks other will not see? DM me if interested.

  • USAF major crime
    • Start at the computer inside the center white military building in the center of the island
    • Bring a virus USB
    • Requires 7 coastguard
  • Nasa major crime
    • Start at the control room at the abandoned NASA Center
    • Bring a virus USB
    • Requires 7 coastguard
    • No the rocket doesn't take off... YET
  • Cargo container robbery
    • Similar to oil rig robberies but they give you "container contents" which can sell for 10-50k
    • This can be responded to by cops if USCG are offline/busy (YOU MUST ASK USCG FIRST THEY TAKE PRIORITY)
    • Locations are buffalo, newich and cross river.
  • Brady uniform/vest added
  • HMT Boonie and Hat added
  • Long sleeve uniform LODs fixed
  • Cash gang uniform/vest added
  • AMG GT Merc added to LT+
  • Arctic Hilux added to SGT+
  • Calpad new weapon added
  • EMS Escalade skin changes
  • Shank can no longer destroy buildings
  • Transport Truck fixed
  • 1800 gang island added
  • FN30 bullets fixed for cop
  • Fixed penthouse doors and big lag issues being caused by ANZUS_Buildings2
  • Fixed pirate ship sign being stuck in the ship
  • New penthouse added to saltwater for $12,500,000
  • I activated my windows


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7.12 - Police may not breach a major or land/drop people off on the roof of a major during negotiations and must wait 10 seconds after negotiations are called off to breach/land (Does not apply to Mil Ship/Cargo Ship as they must land in order to negotiate).  This may be voided if the hostage is killed by the hostage takers. 

Rule changed - added Cargo Ship.

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