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Kings County 3.9.3 [Halloween Update!]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qLs5JTfFVhZ3BpLiWQD7ZqEMm1MUJFSb/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:
Google Drive Full: To be updated later
We're working very hard on 4.0 but we have decided to release an epic update for Halloween that we hope you enjoy. If you're looking to help and contribute towards the server and see exclusive 4.0 sneak peeks contact Doug on discord.

  • Halloween Content
    • The Haunted House
      • Spooky haunted house, figure out how to escape and earn yourself a halloween token (tradeable for money).
    • Pumpkin Seek
      • Find the magic pumpkin and earn a random halloween token (tradeable for money). The magic pumpkin changes every time it is found.
    • Spooky Fog has been added to the map.
    • Ambient Wolf and Owl SFX in the forests of King's County.
    • Longer Night Times
    • Scarecrow Masks
    • Candy Apple Item Instead of KFC
    • Increased pumpkin price
  • Governor Vault Withdraw
    • The Governor can withdraw funds from the Governors Office after seeking police protection, once the governor withdraws the money they have to survive for 10 minutes before they can store the money. This is a major crime that any civilian can involve themself in and that is initiated by law enforcement rather than by civilians.
  • Governor Content
    • Governor Unmarked Chrysler
    • Governor Panic Button
    • Governor Connection Notification
  • Phone App Store
    • Not all applications are installed on the phone by default, applications can be installed to the phone specifically if you want that application to avoid cluttered phone.
  • Joint Selling Rework
    • Selling joints will be done with a new phone application, you must pick a name and the amount of joints you are selling and then sell the joints as usually. Watch out for fake posts by undercover police.
  • Fixed Gunshot Residue
  • Increase the selling price of pacific bluefin tuna
  • Hunting Changes
    • Animals now travel in herds
    • Added chickens
    • Animals now stick in or around the nature reserve and do not wander off too far
  • New bollard system at the entrance to DOC
  • USCG Jayhawk spotlight added
  • USCG MSRT Lopro Uniform updated
  • KCFD Skinned Moster truck
  • Cutter issues fixed
  • Jayhawk rescue basket added
  • 2.0 animations added back to dancing
  • Multiple new animations added (Please try use to increase RP)
  • Fixed greyhouse doors
  • New gang stuff
    • Sin City Gang Uniform
    • 2nd Peaky Blinders Gang Uniform
    • 2nd 1800 Gang Uniform
    • Notorious Gangsters Gang Uniform
    • 404 Gang Uniform
    • Corvus Gang Uniform
    • Free Smoke Gang Uniform


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