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Contributing towards 4.0

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Hello people! the 4.0 teaser trailer is here and I hope you're all as hype as I am. 

As many of you know 4.0 is going to be very expensive. We have a 10+ man development team that all deserve to get paid for their hard work. To be able to do this we need the help from the community. Everyone knows on every massive update(2.0, 3.0 and 4.0) we wipe all the donations to be able to continue to keep the server as good at is. If we didn't do that we would have no server so its worth the sacrifice. This heavily brings down any revenue that we need for the update down. So like Bernie I am asking for your financial support.

What we can offer you for helping out

$50-100 contribution - 4.0 sneakpeek tag on discord and teamspeak which gives you an exclusive look into what is coming and the ability to give your opinion. 4.0 sneakpeek tag gives you ability to see just as much as the developers see which is pretty much everything.
$101+ contribution - 4.0 sneakpeek tag on discord and teamspeak and an exclusive painting in the NEW art gallery. (There is a limit of 10 of these)


You can choose where your contribution goes towards whether its towards KSCO, USCG, Civilian, Buildings, Map work anything. 

Every single faction is receiving some sort of new building, new cars etc so everything helps out.

If you're interested please message me on discord. Doug Jumper#0001

4.0 trailer



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What is this 1930's roleplay?


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Its worth it bois the snake peeks are amazing!

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Does the money have to just be there for the tag or can I drop $100 for a car and the tag due to the support I am giving?

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