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Whitelisted Civilian Faction Command LOI and Information

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Hello everyone! I hope you've been enjoying the several sneak peeks for the 4.0 update coming up pretty soon. As many of you are aware, we are introducing whitelisted civilians to the server to hopefully increase the roleplay a bit. Don't worry there will still be class 3's, capture points and majors but we're trying to find a line between combat and roleplay everyone enjoys. 

With new factions we need some new leaders, but we need the right leaders. Someone who will direct the faction towards the best roleplay they can.

If you're interested in applying please follow the directions of this form: https://forms.gle/WUswvu5kDPEQ4zmH9

Requirements to apply:

  • If applying for the faction lead (sheriff equivalent) then you must be 18+
  • If applying for anything under lead then you must be 16+
  • Do not apply if you are under 16
  • You must not have an LEO character on 4.0 release (You can still have a medic and a civilian character)
  • You must not have anything coming up in the next 6 months that may effect the running of the faction. (We're looking for a long term leader)
  • You must be willing to roleplay in an accent. (e.g. Italian Mafia accent or a GTA V gangster accent)

Some more information about 4.0 whitelisted civilian factions:

What will they do?

Many different things that we do not want to leak yet, but it will involve different ways of doing runs and making money. Business ownership will be a big part of whitelisted factions throughout 4.0 as well.

How will you decide who runs it?

SMT will vote on each LOI submitted, if you get majority YES votes you will get an interview and the same thing will take place after the interview.

When will you decide?

These things take time but it will be ASAP so we can get the ball rolling.

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