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Kings Peaks 4.0.1 Changelog

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Kings Peaks 4.0.1

  • More animals spawns
  • Bee keeper outfit in the store
  • Mafia changes
    • Mafia can now go into debt making it so you can clean at anytime. (This is to help test the limits)
    • Mafia can now access their container 75% closer than before
    • Cleaning now is a bit faster
  • All whitelisting in faction shops should be fixed (Please message Oliver Ericsson if there are issues)
  • Fixed cars having no fuel after impound
  • Fixed helicopters not saving
  • Jail jobs fixed
  • Jail garbage fixed
  • Added numberplate processor to yard at DOC to process metal
  • When robbing people for money it now gives clean money so you can give it back (Sorry Riiken)
  • You can now access trunks closer to people.
  • Fixed multiple issues on the skills menu with levels not matching the required. -
  • Fixed not being able to move after being frisked (if it still doesn't work use CTRL + 6 > General > Full Cancel) -
  • Fixed bridges for CG
  • Fixed MacArthur Jewl store hint
  • Blood Diamonds are now known as Rare Diamonds
  • Fixed broken gas station near liberty
  • Made it so CG receive clean money from asylum seekers when rewarded -
  • Added gate back to DOC
  • Drug box is now sellable to drug dealer
  • Honey buffed from 250 to 800
  • Fixed evidence locker vanishing
  • GPS trackers now work for detectives
  • Land plane crash fixed location wise
  • Tier 1 taxi car replaced temporarily with a taxi -
  • CG boat garage/shops fixed at jail - Avonpond boat shop fixed -
  • Old woodriver boat shop fixed - Removed oil rig task until the new oil rig is made, replaced with robbing stores (mobster gangs)
  • Bee suits are now in(sorry about this just lots of config changes and overwriting)
  • Gangs now have their suits - Anti func spam fixed (Multiple virtual items like jerry can etc)
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Lets go! patch day !

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