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Kings Peaks Changelog

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Kings Peaks

  • 100+ animations added to animation menu
    • Most of the dances will be reserved for donators but I am allowing everyone to use them for a few days to try them out
    • Please use the roleplay state animations to increase your RP espically when talking to others
  • Removed verified tag from twitter until we fix the issue (Its meant to be donator only anyway)
  • Fixed f series worth $0 in vehicle shop
  • Added overbridge to get from Pine Heights to the Orchids
  • Fixed medics claiming and unclaiming bodies
  • Ability to seize drug boxes as coastguard
    • Cash reward
    • EXP reward
  • Joint rolling fixed
  • Medic air shop fixed
  • UC cars fixed
  • CGIS cars fixed
  • Fixed bar cates at CG base
  • CGIS can now interrogate people
  • Gas Station outside USCG Base doors fixed
  • Blood Diamond Processing now has a new location
  • Smug Boat spawning on its side fixed
  • CG can now frisk civilians
  • No smugglers boat crate.
  • Fixed EMS Range Rover and VPC
  • Fixed EMS new custom helicopter
  • Made it so apple store marker deletes on completion of robbery
  • Fixed all bus stops (I hope people actually do it, it took me ages)
  • Fixed HGV truck job locations

We will be doing a map update tomorrow to implement a few features. Bitcoin and the train should be here by the weekend.

Also check out 4.0.1 changelog


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